Saturday, December 20, 2014


Hello little old blog. You poor neglected thing. It's okay, I still love you and all the memories you hold. It's been a while between posts - life has been busy. I have been busy.

2014 has been a tricky one for this online blog spot - The Beetle Shack - I've blogged less than ever before but I've not thought about it any less. I still translate my daily experiences into stories in the back of my mind while brushing my teeth. The undeniable urge to write my kids early years down still burns as does the desire to unpack tales from my own childhood. But life changes and evolves and grows and so does the internet. While I still yearn to document - I not longer feel compelled to share those stories publicly.

When I began writing The Beetle Shack some 3 or 4 years ago blogging was different machine. It was (or at least it felt like) a small and diverse community of mothers/women/people who were seeking an open dialogue - a non judgemental discussion about life in the right now. About parenting though the sleep deprivation, cleaning though the sleep deprivation, cooking through the sleep deprivation and God willing, actually sleeping occasionally.

Women shared stories about their lives at home. Real and honest stories about struggles and triumphs. In turn, the online (mummy blogger) community would throw out love and compassion like confetti. There was plenty to go around and through my very early days as a mother I felt SUCH a strong sense of support right here at The Beetle Shack. Even my mother would make note of this remarkable blogging community.

We really did have something good going on. Did you feel it? Or was it just me in a self indulgent frenzy?

It seems like things have changed now - connection has changed… or maybe my life has simply moved on.

I no longer have time to read gorgeous blogs while my babies sleep and I no longer have lingering feelings of Post Natal Depression that I need to unload.

I'm glad I did though. Emotional instability is a remarkable thing!

I'm glad I over shared here. I'm grateful for the support - it really was fundamental in those hazy days of self doubt and mother guilt. But mostly, I'm glad I over shared here because I never want to forget what it was REALLY like to be a young stay at home mum.

I never want to forget that I am equal parts excellent and equal parts average. I never want to forget that parenting is not a job to be conquered - it's a journey. A rocky, narrow path.

So, while The Beetle Shack will go on, my personal accounts won't.

My kids are bigger now. They are irresistible to me and I love them with a passion I've never known. It's huge and overbearing. It makes me fierce and anxious and quivering all at once- with any luck that will never change.

They have their own stories now. Fairy tales filled with dungeons and dragons and queens and knights. They're not mine to tell anymore so I'm going to stop.

In 2015 The Beetle Shack will change. But it will be a good change, I promise.

If you're someone who has emailed, commented or inboxed me with kindness over the past 4 years, THANK YOU.

How weird. What a strange post to write! I feel like I'm breaking up with my own blog!!

Anyways, Dave has just called me to go and have a walk though at the garden (the light is lovely) so with that, I will bid you adieu!*

Have a beautiful evening lovebirds and an even better Christmas!!

Lots of totally wired overly affectionate virtual love

Em xx

*because I'm like, so French now. 


  1. I felt it - it has changed.

    Thankyou for being a part of my blogging community. I will miss you.

  2. I understand your choice. I have all the trust in your blog's upcoming change :)

  3. I get it! It's interesting reading your thoughts on blogging 3-4 years ago. As someone who started blogging 8 years ago when I think back to things 3-4 years ago it seemed like blogging was taking off in a big way. It's definitely evolved again, as it no doubt will continue to do. I too decided to change things up this year, feeling like I'd said all the thing I wanted to say in that conversation; it was strange at first but ultimately liberating. I hope you find it a great change for you also and I look forward to seeing what you do in 2015! Merry Christmas xx

  4. It used to be so wonderful...our glory days. Times they have most certainly changed. It's time for me to respect my eldest and stop blogging about him, but my youngest two will have the same documentation of their childhood as Ronan did... to be fair, but also because I just can't bring myself to stop. I will miss your blog so very much. Farewell xx

  5. I will miss your always captured what I feel.. Let us know if you decide to write a book.

  6. Oh this makes me sad! I suppose because I'm still in that parenting stay-at-home, man this is hard stage that you capture so well! Completely understand why you've come to this decision though and support it wholeheartedly. Although for a minute after reading it I did think couldn't it be a closed blog where the meanies can be locked out! For your gorgeous captures of reality, your writing about your fierce love of your babies, for your recipes of food that you would actually make and eat, thank you! It's been an honour to read about your beautiful family over the past few years.

  7. I feel similarly Em. My blog has moved in this direction too and it's correlated with the change in blogging generally, and the age of my children. I am proud to step back and enjoy being an observer of my children's stories, rather than a creator. I look forward to seeing what's next for you. I am sure it will be perfectly lovely. x

  8. Oh Em, I will miss this beautiful, funny, real space terribly but i get it. I don't blog myself but even i can see things have changed. I found you several years ago just as i was entering the mummy stage of. My life & your blog was just what I needed. You have remained on my top go-to everyday blog list. Thank you for sharing your life with us & for being you-you're a pretty freaking fabulous woman. Best wishes for you & your little families future xxx

  9. I always love your outfit posts and a peak in to other people's houses:) I think everyone is on Facebook or Instagram. I prefer blogs though but that seems a bit old fashioned these days. I still have a young child so maybe that is why and that could change. Glad you will still keep the blog. See you in the New Year.

  10. Sometimes a change is what blog needs! I completely changed how I blogged and even my blog name and what whilst it will be sad to see you go...It'll be exciting to see whats install for BS in 2015!

  11. Change is good. The evening light is good. All is good where we are, right now. There are bigger things than these spaces and as much as I love what mine has been for me and what the lovely, supportive blogging community has been too, that time seems to have passed and we've moved to a wider, bigger view, I think - for better, or worse, I am still unsure. We've moved to different spaces - none quiet as satisfying, I think - but still good. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy a gorgeous summer.

  12. Ha...Stage 2 begins. Can't wait to see what happens. Leaving the now DEAD black dog behind is a bloody good thing. Just imagine what you can do now.....BRING IT ON!

  13. I think when I began blogging in 2008 (??!!) as chunkychooky it was very different, the blogs I read and visited were predonimantly about craft and making things and a bit of mothering stuff. It was the most insanely supportive community- I dont remember ever having a any nasty comments on ym blog or meaness at all. I was approached by Penguin to review craft books and a hosted a giveaway of each book- then i started getting approached for sponsored posts. about the same time as thisn happened My Bearded Pigeon was born and I didnt have muhc time to blog, followed by another baby and more pigeon things... I think I may never get back to it. I made some friends that are very dear to me, some who still blog, some dont, but i think blogging is quite differnt now- i think people are starting to blog as a way of making money- which is fine but I see a lot of bloggers just posting becuase they havent posted for a while when they dont actually have much to say. I read very few blogs these days, I think it has changed, for better or worse I dont know, but for me it has always been about good writing and good photos. xmuch love to you Em.

  14. Life is all about change, isn't it? I will follow along and see what you change into, shall I? My blog continues to document my travels and life with the Captain, but like you, I post much less frequently than I did. Life moves on.

  15. Em! Wondering where you'd gone. I discovered your blog through a great suggestion made by Bloglovin' and I'm sad to see you go. I too agree there is a general malaise in blogging these days. Many of my favourites have quit altogether or blog way less than they did previously. Personally, I blame the rampant consumerism that has taken over. All of the name dropping scratch-my-back-and-I'll-scratch-yours has turned the blog reading experience into what feels like meaningless tv adverts, you know? Everything looks like bluebird or Kinfolk and feels so monotonous with very little originality. Thank you for being vibrant and authentic, for sharing your family life so candidly, and for your self-deprecating humour. All of it has made The Beetle Shack a very fun place to visit, which at the end of the day, has kept your readers coming back. Best of luck with BT and with all!

  16. Em, it has been a pleasure. I have always loved your authentic voice, and it has drawn me back to this space when my interest in blogs and blogging has waned. Wishing you and yours much happiness as you move on. x

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  18. Funny how just today I wrote a very similar blog post. I share the same feelings about blogging, and I wonder if Iwill keep my promise to renew my spaceor if it's just time to let it go. we'llsee, time will tell, but for sure blogging is not what it used to be. better or worse I don'tknow. It's just different.Good luck with your new adventure!

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