Thursday, November 6, 2014


Tuesday is a kid free day around here. In the morning we drop the little ones off to their various locations and enjoy working in silence.

Last Tuesday my kids arrived home taller, smarter and even more beautiful than they were when I dropped them off. Open faces, bright eyes, glossy hair and the occasional dry booger at the nape of their noses.

Just like that they had grown up a bit - right before my very eyes.

True story.

How does that happen? They literally grow whilst we're away… or while they sleep?!

It's one of the many miracles of parenthood. To watch our children take deeps breaths of slumber only to have them rise with a new face. Constantly changing, constantly growing.

For all the trials and exhaustions of parenting, it's these little things that cause me to stop and take notice. The days are rolling on, years are piling up and my kids are getting older. They need me less which frees me up to adore them more.

Big fat juicy blessing, right there.


  1. Lovely post. I often think the next morning my kids have grown in height or wisdom! You're so right in that distance to adore them more. Great words!

  2. So true.
    And it is so hard to remember all of those moments…the first time they said that funny thing that became their catch phrase for a few weeks, the day their dimple disappeared, they day they played on their own for half and hour and although you felt like you should do the washing you sat and watched them instead.

  3. I'm looking forward to being needed just a tiny little bit less. Kellie xx

  4. "They need me less which frees me up to adore them more." Perfectly said.
    And "big fat juicy blessing." Even better.
    Love ya, Em.
    Ronnie xo


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