Friday, November 14, 2014


Preparing our home for Christmas is something I love… perhaps a little bit too much. Whilst Dave doesn't share my passion for the Mariah Carey Christmas album and glitter encrusted table wear, the children do so I feel validated and encouraged in my extra fussing, kitchen dancing and tuneless singing.

This year I'm working with a simple palette - a substantial leap away from last years table scape. Black, white and grey will form the foundations of my Christmas table and since these basics can be found in just about every home, I though it might be fun to look at a few ways to work them into the festive season.

Target have asked me to share my take on Christmas so all of the treasures you see in these images can be found on the shelves of your local Target (or online- hello convenient). I've broken it down into three possible looks - rustic, minimal and classic.


Bringing in rustic elements like hessian, timber and paper make for a soft, textured christmas table. I've added a selection of glass, laser cut metal and porcelain ornaments that I found on sale at Target (buy 2, get the 3rd free) to really bring home the golden natural tones. Paper bon bons for fun and the most delicious candle holders ever. Those puppies aren't getting packed away with the rest of the decorations come January.


A geometric bowl by Lisa T for Target sits on a classic linen table cloth. Gorgeous matte porcelain decorations sit alongside fine bone china bowls with a sweet embossed spot. This look is fuss free, clean and kid friendly. 


Christmas just isn't Christmas without a good punch of red and green, is it? I've used a laser cut raised felt runner (at only $8, who wouldn't) through the centre of my table. Faux wreaths bring in a bit of green while simple porcelain ornaments provide interest and texture.

When shopping for this feature, I tried to choose pieces that I could utilise once the Silly Season has come to a close. I'll use the geometric bowl to hold fruit, the star ornaments will add interest to my sideboard, the bowls will be used everyday at breakfast time and those candles will stay right there in the centre of our table for many months to come.

If you're in the market for new Christmas Decorations this year, do yourself a favour and check out the selection at Target. There are some seriously lovely, understated ornaments on the shelves. Ones you'll want to keep for ever.

This post was sponsored by Target. 


  1. Nice work, Em. I especially like the first setting!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thanks gorgeous Ronnie! That was my fave too


  2. I love the jumbo wooden candlesticks with the dipped paint effect. Gorgeous.

    1. SAME! Can you believe they were only about $16 each?

  3. I clicked through to you link to last years table (Holy Unicorn Vomit Batman!) and can say your photography has really improved! I love seeing the difference a year can bring. Even on these little things.

  4. Ooooo that first setting is gorgeous, lady!
    We're lucky enough to share the silly season with Sam's bestie from Maine this year, so I'm thinking a little traditional red, white & green will help take the sting out of our 40C days! 😉
    Ps. Those candlesticks have been added to my cart. Cheers!! xx

  5. Rustic is definitely my Christmas preference. Your table looks lovely, Em. x

  6. I can just see those little white porcelain stars filing some large glass jars. Too cute!

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