Sunday, November 9, 2014



1. My very favourite look from the latest Bohemian Traders shoot. Pink Longline Cardigan teamed with the red and white striped dress and a turban! DREAM!!

2. Humble home.

3. Two of my honey bunnies in the misty afternoon light.

4 + 5. What a difference a few minutes can make. We've had some wild storms here of late. Image 5 is after the sun came back out!

6. THAT SMILE! Always accompanied by a cheeky giggle. I just can't get enough.

7. Catching up with darling friends and looking every bit as thrilled as I felt!

8. Spring.

9. The loving hands of my Dave making paper aeroplanes for the kids.

The only thing that would make this collection better is if I included a pic of the icy cold beer I'm currently enjoying.

Happy life, friends xx


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em