Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 A subtle spring palette of sea foam musk and crisp white in luxurious linen and silk - hello dreamy Spring bedroom.

Making the bed is pretty much the ONLY house work I delight in… actually, lets be honest, it's almost the only house work I do so when the opportunity arises to try out new linens, I simply can't say no.

We've been sleeping amongst the new Shannon Fricke collection which consists of dainty pattens and subdue hues. The All of You Pom Pom Quilt Cover* is made from a lovely cotton linen blend which means you get the crumply look of linen without the hefty price tag, plus Pom Poms. You know! I've teamed it with the Hedgerow Striped Cushions* and some sweet silk and velvet cushions from my massive collection.

You can see these darlings in the flesh in either Domayne or Adairs or just impulse buy them right here.

*this item was gifted to me for editorial consideration.


  1. Oh, it looks beautiful. I am so in love with the Pompom cover. I would sleep so well with that. Rachel xx

  2. Love these colours, Em! It looks like such a peaceful place to sleep. The light in your bedroom is beautiful. x

  3. Gorgeous Emily! Im a huge Shannon Fricke fan…..and Im drooloing over the pom pom quilt! Love the photos too xx

  4. Effortless chic, your home is so peaceful and beautiful!!!

  5. Colors affect your state of mind, here is article about it http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/11/starving-the-beast-7-ways-to-control-our-emotions/ Customarily room shading "principles" have expressed that lighter pastels and whites were the request of the day for rooms because of their unwinding components.


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  8. It looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing the color palette.
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