Monday, November 17, 2014


This evening I found myself in the usual predicament - planting kisses on my almost 6 year old son's cheek. Kiss kiss kissing them all over his soft face as he patiently endures my extravagance, waiting to resume his long winded monologue.

He's been growing up lately, that first born baby boy of mine. Getting taller, smarter and more engaged with every moment in every day. His questions are more challenging, his hair is a little darker and his legs are longer (lucky duck).

When I drop him at preschool he wipes my kisses from his forehead, cheek or hair. Where ever I leave them, he will wipe them. 'Oh MUMMMM' he says, equal parts delighted and disgusted.*

During the day his cheeks are warm and sticky- a sign that he's been busy playing. But when evening comes the chub on his cheeks is cold, just like his little sisters'.

It's that icy cold chub that reminds me that he's still my baby. Growing up, maybe. But still as good as new to me.

Do you delight in icy cold cheek chub when you kiss your babies goodnight?

* or just disgusted.


  1. I just love that photo Em. Joseph does look so mature and even more handsome than ever! It's hard to savour the moments sometimes. Great you have such a diary in this medium. xx

  2. Lovely photo Em. He looks so kind and a credit to you guys. xx

  3. Tell him to rub them in instead of wiping them off.

  4. He looks like such a lovely kid Em! Gorgeous photo.

  5. Yes! Olive HATES our kisses, it's terrible. WIpes them off, runs away ... I keep telling her I'll never stop trying though. Kellie xx

  6. Oh this is a bitter sweet post Em. It's lovely seeing your kids grow up but I am not prepared for my one and only to get bigger and he is doing so far too fast. Thankfully though I can still wrap him up and my arms and give him kisses without protests.

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