Tuesday, November 11, 2014


DIY by Nicole 

his crazy aqua number has been floating around my Mums wardrobe unworn for a good many years now... I've always loved the colour and print, and have finally been inspired to do something fun with it! If you have a bundle of un-wearable retro threads hanging around - this could be the perfect DIY for you. Who would not benefit this summer with a sweet little twin set that can be worn as separates, or as a complete outfit?! 

What you need
  • vintage / retro dress (the crazier the better)
  • quick unpick
  • sewing machine / needle and thread
  • scissors
How to
  • Select your retro / vintage dress (mine is a nice heavy cotton which is easy to work with - a synthetic fabric will be more difficult)
  • Quick unpick the waist seam to separate the bodice from the skirt
  • TOP
  • Take in the bodice side seams as fit (I took in the sides a little - it may be better to add darts at the back depending on your dress)
  • hem your new bodice! I've used a double folded hem, which gives a nice clean finish as the raw edge is tucked inside (fold over 1cm and press, fold over another 1cm and press. then stitch)
  • Gather skirt to fit your waist (I've used pleating at the front, a gathering stitch at the back, then elastic all the way around)
  • Double fold and stitch to finish the waist
  • Cut skirt to desired length (or leave if it's perfect already)
  • Finish with another double hem
  • Wear your skirt and top together, or mix it up with some other favourites! 

And if you are a fan of the matching but not the making - check out Bohemian Traders striped linens for some sweet little twin sets.


  1. Fabulous transformation! Love the colour and the fabric. I might have to head off to see what i can find lurking in the rows at Vinnies or Salvos.

  2. Great idea Libby! Glad you're inspired - good luck with the hunt..!

    Nicole x

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