Friday, November 28, 2014


CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE!!! Seriously, it's less than a month away??!! I can't quite believe that another year is drawing to a close.

It's time to start thinking about decorating, soaking dried fruits in brandy, gift giving and present wrapping - so many good things in one sentence.

This year I'll be wrapping my loved ones gifts in wrapping paper designed by one of my dearest friends Lauren Merrick. The girl is a selfless, quietly spoken, loudly laughing creative. She wears printed scarves in her hair and rocks harem pants like you wouldn't believe. When she reads my children stories, she does so with passion and when she cuddles them, tickles are included.

Clearly Lauren is a woman of many skills because she also produces the MOST beautiful art work imaginable and this year, she's created a line especially for Christmas.

There's gift tags and wrapping paper and greeting cards. Note books and pens and beautiful prints. There's even a little collection of story books for children - literally something for every one.

Because she's a generous girl, Lauren is giving away a hefty prize pack to one of you! All you need to do is enter by following the prompts below to win the following;

10 Sheets of Wrapping Paper - two of each design 
8 Christmas Cards - one of each design 
12 Gift Tags - two of each design 

Total giveaway worth $122

You can find Lauren on Social media via the below links;

instagram:     @lauren_merrick

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The kind of beautiful that I'd love to splurge on, but sadly restrain myself from doing so.'s hoping. Fingers crossed!

  2. So many pretty designs, I don't know if I could part with them... Maybe half for framing half for gifts....

  3. Hehe I already bought some at the markets but hey, its not like I can't use some more of this gorgeousness! :)

  4. Beautiful, would make such a statement at Christmas time when gift giving!

  5. Love the patterns, you just don't see this kind of wrapping paper in the shops. Love how the colours are so subtle. xo

  6. You are lucky to have such a gifted and caring friend in Lauren. Sounds like your children like her too. Blessings as you prepare to celebrate Emanuel--God with us!

  7. Lovely giveaway, such beautiful designs!

  8. I. am excited about this giveaway, such beautiful gifts to share with love ones

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