Thursday, November 13, 2014


So, it turns out that it's Thursday today, not Wednesday like I had thought. THis post is a day late and a busk short. Seriously, is anyone else loosing track of the days at the moment? And how many weeks until the school holidays, anyways?

Christmas, that's soon too, right?!

Moving right along- here is 101 photo's of me wearing kimonos! ha!

1. Classic - Nothing says 'wardrobe staple' like a white linen shirtdress, does it? I'm wearing mine with the Falling Flowers Kimono in Paisley.

2. Belt It - I love the Falling Flowers Kimono belted either loosely like this or crossed over for a more traditional kimono look. I'm tying the corners here to make it a little less voluminous which is good for a shorty like me.

3. Colour Blocked -  I'm wearing the Cobalt Falling Flowers Kimono and layering blue tones. I've been flogging my Basic Line Tank which is also available in mustard, navy and plan white. The most flatteringly cut basic you'll find- Slim though the top with room through the middle and a v neck for a slimming front.

4. Pattern Clash - Teaming bold prints and strong colours with the Falling Flowers Kimono in Mustard (also looks great over the Basic Line Tank in Mustard) with the navy and white Ahoy Dress. Very easy wearing. Again, I'm tying the corners to make it a bit shorter.

5. Tie It - Channelling my inner Nanna here. Tying my Falling Flowers Kimono in Paisley Rouge over the Liberty Linen Dress in Pink. This is one of my favourite dresses this season. SO easy to wear and very flatting and femme. It can easily be dresses up or down with as little as a shoe change!

I'm also wearing a Falling Flowers Kimono here with denim shorts for a super casual look.

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Do you have a Kimono in your wardrobe? How do you wear it?


  1. You are a mind reader. I really needed this post! I've been umming and ahhing about purchasing one but wasn't sure how much wear I would get from it. You have me convinced. I love the belted option, takes it to a whole different level.

    1. Hey lady! They're a pretty good addition to the wardrobe :)

  2. All of these looks are beautiful! I think that kimonos are so lovely, but I seem to be intimidated by them, and I haven't bought one (yet)!

  3. Gorgeous clothes aside - your hair and eyebrows look amazing! xo

  4. Looks lovely there! Your outfits are perfect too; very seasonal and classy! :)you have an amazing style! I love all of your posts. The quality of your pictures is amazing.

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