Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Jem styles her little white dress from Tree Of Life

Look 1 | Crochet vest from Tasmanian craft market; Ankle boots from Kmart

Look 2 | Boots from vintage store

Look 3 | Gumboots from Leura

Jem is such a treasure - you can tell by these photos that she loves a good belly laugh!  She's figured out how to mix fun with business, opening her very own dance school on the sunny Central Coast of NSW almost two years ago.  This woman is a bundle of talent who lives life richly and humbly, with just the right amount of crazy on the side.

From Jemma:

How do you spend your time

I Mostly spend my time teaching people how to groove at the dance school that I have the pleasure of owning, Rewind Dance Studios. I also enjoying working for a beautiful theatre on Avoca beach and in my spare time I love chilling with my quirky family and friends, going for long walks on the beach, and eating.

What is your personal style

I don't know if I have a style...some days i like to wear ma denim, other days I like to get ma floral onnnn, I guess I dress according to my mood and the mood of the day.

What do you love about this item

I love this dress because it's one of those dresses I would've worn when I was two...and would/do currently wear at twenty three...and could see myself wearing it throughout all different stages in my life.

Where do you love to shop

Generally I'm not a big "shopper", I can't handle long days at shopping centres, it's painful to me. So when I shop...I go to specific places I know have good stuff and eat heaps of food so that I'm not hungry (I'm an even worse shopper when I'm hungry). But love a good op shop and quirky independent stores...tree of life has some super beautiful things too.

What is the most important element in an item of clothing

Whenever I pick a number, I think and daydream about me doing life in it, which I thinks rather vital, because we mostly do life in clothes these days..

What is your favourite season

My fav season has just arrived! spring is just lovely. Cute dress season with a cardi just in case.

What is something more important than fashion

There are heaps more important things than fashion.. I reckon thinking about our general existence and purpose in this life is far more important than what shoes match my pants!

Post by Nicole x


  1. Hi Emily! Thank you for sharing this! These types of posts are my favorite - I love reading about folks' unique styles. Jem is adorable and I love her outfits here - that vest is so, so lovely!!!

    Love and light,

  2. Oops! Just realized the post was by Nicole. Hi also, Nicole! :)

  3. Oh, that crochet vest is to die for x

    1. I know - my Mum crochets - I think I'm going to have to put an order in..!


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