Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Photographed by moi, Emily Beetleshack 

Gosh this Family Home Project series has been a pleasure. I've been so excited to hit the 'publish' button on this little number. Welcome to the home of Claudia, Levi and darling Eve. Possibly the most beautiful home I've ever had the privilege of entering. If I had half the style of Claudia, I'd be one stylish woman.

A home filled with bespoke treasures, hand made furniture and the most intriguing sense of calm.

Enjoy it! I suspect you'll be using the 'Pin It' button more than once!!


Who lives here? (names, occupations, ages of children)
Levi (business owner), Claudia (full time mummy + food stylist) & Eve Indigo (almost 2 year old).
What is your style ethos?
I’m drawn to functional, creative spaces. I love white walls, woven materials, wood and a lot of greenery. It’s what suits this house, and I’ve committed to it. I think it’s important to know what style you like, but also make sure it suits the type of house you’re living in.
Also, everything needs to serve a purpose. We use a lot of open shelving, and it’s for convenience more than anything else. I also want to make sure our home is child friendly with a lot of play space for Eve, there’s not really anything on display that she’s not allowed to touch. It’s her to domain as much as ours.
Who/what inspires your style?
The 70’s bohemian era, natural textures and country style living.
Where is your favourite place to sit?
On our deck on a summer evening. We love entertaining, so nothing beats good friends, yummy food, great music and small people running around creating havoc.
How does the layout of your home affect the way you live/function within it?
We don’t have a large home, so our life flows around the kitchen and the living area. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and from my sink I can usually spot where Eve is at all times – very convenient!
Eve’s bedroom currently comes off our loft style master bedroom. It works for us at the moment because we really like to keep her close by.
What are your future plans/dreams for your house?
We’ve done quite a bit of renovating, but there is a lot still to do! I can’t wait to tackle the bathroom, and we’ll be adding some extra bedrooms and a rumpus room. At the moment, we’re focusing on landscaping our back yard in order to expand our veggie gardens and turn it into a farm as much as possible!
I’m thankful to have a husband who does most of the work himself. He’s also working on some custom furniture (including a dining table, hurrah!).
The work is endless, but it feels so rewarding. I love seeing it all take shape.
Any tips for someone who might like to emulate your style (places to shop, key items colours etc)?
I find a lot of my styling props from OP Shops and I like to put them on display in the kitchen. A house becomes alive with some indoor greens and it’s also great for purifying your air. We use recycled timber as much as we can (our kitchen bench tops were made from Levi’s grandfather’s old barn) and we don’t have a lot of fancy furniture. Jute rugs are also brilliant with little children.
What makes a house a home?

When it feels like it’s a reflection of the family who lives there. I hope it’s inviting and a place where people want to spend some time. We love coming home to our humble little space.


  1. Oh My…!!! Gorgeous house and LOVE that fiddle leaf fig! Its huge!!!! Thk you for sharing a lovely home x

  2. What a stunning space! Very inspiring, thank you for sharing. I have basket envy. X

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! This is Beautiful!! (capital B intended, I'm all excited)

  4. Stunning. Love the dreamcatcher above the bed, the swing seat, and the beautiful light in this home

  5. Will you continue this series next year?! Each house has been amazing! Love the "peeks through the keyhole" of family spaces!

  6. LOVE IT! the hanging chair, the floor boards, the hint of greenery in each room - oh I could go on! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Holy smokes! What a show stopper. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing

  8. So beautiful. I would love some tips from Levi or Claudia about how they grow those beautiful plants that hang down over the shelves in the kitchen area and the bookshelf. They look like vines and the greenery really adds so much. Do they leave these plants inside to let them thrive? OR do they need a lot of TLC, watering, fertilising, time outside etc? Would love to know. Thanks x

  9. WOW!! I love this house! Just beautiful! So light and awesome colours!

  10. Oh yes. Pinned the you-know-what out of this one! Gorgeous! x

  11. Dream house!! Who took these gorgeous photos?

    1. hey mate! I photographed this one. TOTALLYYYY my dream house!


  12. Such a darling home, I love everything about it. Beautifully photographed too, Em. x

  13. Do you happen to know where the bed is from? It is absolutely stunning!! - B

  14. Looks great! Simple and fresh, but cozy and nicely lived-in

  15. Love this home! So cozy and modern. I would love to know where the shelves in the kitchen are sourced from? Thanks!

  16. So inspiring! Would also love to know about the kitchen shelves and if possible, the wall color. Thanks!

  17. Beautiful! I am wondering, where did you purchase the dreamcatcher, I am looking for one similar! Thanks :)

  18. Beautifully photographed Em. Such a small world. Claudia is good friends with my step daughter. How gorgeous is that girl?? X

  19. Who makes the fuzzy rug in the master bedroom??

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  22. This sure is an inviting home Em. I can see it being your style. It's simply, clean and stylish. Inspirational. I love being a voyeur too. Yes, definitely do more.

  23. Just wondering where your lovely bed come from? Thanks for sharing your home and inspiration....

  24. Yes, I'm in love with the bed. Anyone know where I can get one like it?

  25. Love your style! Where did you get your firelog holder?

  26. Beautiful home and some great photography. I especially love those stools in the kitchen I think I found similiar ones at

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  28. Awesome List! Pinned it! Great work on this collection.

  29. I have no idea what my next kitchen sink and fixture will look like, but I'm pretty sure that I will have lots of images saved for inspiration...

  30. Beautiful designs, I got lots of ideas here from my new home, thanks. My Embroidery

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  33. I like your pictures how you manage to come up with something like this

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  35. Can someone please tell me where that bed is from ??!!! PPLLLEEEAAASSSE I need to know !

  36. It reminds of my old house in California. Such a beautifully decorated room ! Maria

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  39. Beautiful home! Can you please tell me where the hanging chair came from?

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  45. Hi! Could I get in touch with Claudia? I'd love to see pictures of the bed from another angle. I'm trying to figure out if a similar bed would look nice in my room.


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  49. Why is there no source for the bed and how come no one has answered?! Ah!! I want to know this as well!

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  55. Xem thêm thông tin dự án the residence 1 mở bán giá 16tr/m2, tìm,

  56. Bên mình đang mở bán tại củ chi giá từ 16.5tr/m2. Dự án baryaciti tại bà rịa vũng tàu dự án bao gồm nhà phố và biệt thự.
    Bạn có thể tìm hiểu một số dự án khác như:
    bang gia cho thue vinhomes golden river ba son
    bang gia cho thue vinhomes binh thanh
    bang gia cho thue can ho city garden ngo tat to


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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