Thursday, October 16, 2014


Continuing with the theme of delicious patinas from the last few weeks - here we are enjoying a spot of rust.

I love the warm golden tones and character that rust can bring to a surface.

Traditionally rust was a reaction to be avoided.. but more recently along with the 'old is new again' boom, rust has been embraced a little differently. Rusted objects become stunning statement pieces in homes all over.. external walls are clad in untreated metals, exposed to the elements that will change their feel and appearance over the years.

Aside from the natural reaction that creates rust, the colour of rust can be beautifully appropriated into a diversity of contexts - paint; artwork; fashion.. how stunning is the kimono above?!

Does rust feature in your wardrobe, your living room, or just your Grandparents garage?

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards
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  1. I love the look, just in moderation! :)

  2. I too like this look. Im a fan of it in the garden. They always add such charm and always something to look at, a talking point. Im a little bit of a rustic fan. By the way, i really feel like eating donuts now I have just seen that new header. I can't imagine why? Love it!!

    1. ahahah STRAWBERRY DOUGHNUTS (love heart eyes)


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