Monday, September 8, 2014


Jack styles his (girlfriends) favourite corduroy shirt from Laurieton Op-Shop

Look 1 | Shorts from General Pants; shoes from Urban Outfitters
Look 2 | Jeans from Urban Outfitters; Shoes from America; hat from Surfstitchwatch from Casio
Look 3 | Jeans from Urban Outfitters; Tee from Mona Vale Surf Shop

I recently took a surf trip up the coast with Jack and a few friends, and above you see the outcome of a golden afternoon at beer o'clock. We argued for a little while about Jacks personal style - is he retro? surf? punk? boho..?  His favourite - punk rock - was outvoted by the team, who stereotyped him retro surf.  It's hard to condense a person into just a few words - which is why we ask a bunch of different questions here to give you a bigger picture of the people we introduce.. Jack is an all-round legend of a guy. One of the most generous people I know who makes a killer pot of chamomile tea, and who I'd be happy to share a wave with any day.

From Jack:

Your personal style

Retro surf.

What do you love about this item

I stole it from my girlfriend and it goes with everything.

Where do you love to shop

online - not at the shops. Urban Outfitters + Surfstitch.

What is the most important element in a garment


What is your favourite season


Tell us one thing more important than fashion


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