Thursday, September 11, 2014


I've been admiring my favourite leather satchel for around four years now.. Everytime I pick it up (well almost everytime) I'm reminded how much I LOVE leather.

So strong and durable, yet with potential for the softest feel.. It gets more beautiful with age and wear, and like a travel journal, holds memories and stories of the places it has been.. I love the way my leather purse is darker near the clasp from overuse.. I love the way my leather belt wrinkles nearest the holes I use the most.. I love the stain on my satchel from when I ran through the rain that time and got soaked through.. And I love those crazy wonderful vintage finds that hold traces of a story that is not my own.

I'd love to learn the art of leatherworking one day. If I do - you are most likely to see it here - so stay tuned.

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Post by Nicole

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  1. Oh I just adore well worn leather. The stories it can tell! I bought a leather satchel in Paris nine years ago and use it every day. It's been all over the world and is now filled with baby wipes, toys and a little pink cardigan for cold days. I love how those great leather pieces can just transition with you throughout your life and adventures.
    Sophie x


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