Thursday, September 18, 2014


Spring is the perfect time for walking in the forest.. The air is cool and the fragrance of freshly blooming eucalypt, banksia and lomandra is sweet to the senses. Not to mention the abundance of  tiny wildflowers littering the ground with fresh bursts of colour. The morning light leaves one breathless with it's hazy green gold beauty. Midday brings a long forgotten heat, and the shady canopy becomes all the more inviting for a well deserved afternoon nap. 

I've always loved trees, and all shades of green. I love seeing how people bring the forest into their homes too - be it wallpaper, table settings, indoor plants, botanical prints.. and find it inspires me all the more to wander outside.

On that note I will have to get onto planning my next adventure through the forest with a picnic basket and good company.

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards
Post by Nicole


  1. You are right, it is the perfect time.

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  3. So ethereal and magic - I love fantasizing about visiting a woodland realm!

  4. Forest - yes! I want to get marries in a lush ferny forest. Such amazing pictures. Bec

    1. DO IT!!! they are my favourite pics too - the lush green and beautiful happy people.. so good.


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