Sunday, September 7, 2014


There is NOTHING quite like some uninterrupted time with the ladies, is there? No, there isn't. It's a known sanity restorer for women the world over.

Don't get me wrong, staying home in my trackies and making Vegemite sambos for the kids is highly rewarding and deeply nourishing but there is something about a girls weekend that… mmm… how do I say this… pulls the trump card.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to head the the Gold Coast with my sisters (SIL's to be exact, but who has time for such excessive descriptions) . We ate and drank and slept and swam and relaxed for 3 whole days.

Earlier in the year I mentioned to Ames and Nic that I was heading to the ProBlogger conference. Ames quickly inquired as to the location before announcing she was coming too. Not one to shy away from sunshine and salty ocean swims, Nicole obliged and joined the fun.

While I went to odd session at the conference, the girls took leisurely strolls along the beach and sipped ice cold beers.

It was amazing. So truly restorative.

We've decided the make it an annual event. Each year from now until forever we will pack our bags (mine will always be biggest and heaviest) and take a trip somewhere warm.

Next year Bali?!

I lugged my camera all the way there and came home with approximately 10 blurry photo's on my card.   It's really hard to take decent photo's with a beer in hand.

I'm wearing my Dusty Linen Dress in White over my Distressed Skinnies. I'm seldom NOT wearing a Dusty Linen Dress these days… totally took one in every colour for our holiday.


  1. This post is lovely Emily Xx Lisa Mckenzie

  2. I need to know where those sandals are from! x

  3. Good for you Em! Sounds like a fab weekend away and lucky you to have wonderful SIL's, they really are a blessing xo


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