Friday, September 12, 2014


Usually these three cherubs are scattered throughout the house. One playing lego, one getting changed for the 47th time per hour and another, the littlest, pitter pattering after the bigger ones - emptying draws of their contents or chewing on discarded pieces of small coloured plastic.

Usually they're running and jumping and fort building. Talking and yelling and singing and screaming. But from time to time they gather together at our beaten up kitchen table. Their movements slow, their speech quietens and they focus in, enjoying the warmth of the sun on their skin.

Lately these three have been driving their mumma to distraction. Running naughty rings around me as I spin and shout and get no where. They've been testing my patience and my sanity. Some days all I can do is shed a quiet tear as they conquer me but on this day, I looked at those perfect little people and all was forgiven.

Funny how they can do that isn't it?

Good design. 

A nod to their Creator. 


  1. I know what you mean. After particularly trying days I like to look in on mine after she is asleep, looking so angelic, and remember at her core how beautiful and wonderful she is. I can face the next day after refreshing myself with her loveliness :)

  2. These are the posts on your blog that are my favourite x

  3. Um, who is that 12 year old boy sitting at the table?! Kellie xx

  4. Im hearing you Em….my day..all day, every day! I count my blessings for having them, but do question how three little people can make so much mess and drain me of every inch of energy that I have …left. Our three have just finally started playing together (silent high fiving)- makes a difference….oh, Hooray for the weekend! xx

  5. "good design; a nod to their Creator" . . . . you are so awesome! :)

  6. Such a great post. My son can look at me with his big blue eyes and I melt - every time.

  7. Oh your children are growing up quickly and are just adorable. Lovely that they made a mess in just one spot. So rare, indeed! Oh, those trying days are hard days. Sometimes I wonder if I love my children even more when they are sleeping ;) x


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