Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dave took the morning off work, mum took the girls to her house and I took my first born baby boy's hand. Together Dave, Zeph and I walked up to the 'Big School' for kindergarten orientation. 

In just a few short months he will start school.

I can't quite believe the time is almost here. He's so ready, that independent boy of mine. 

I'm making a point of telling him all the wonderful things I know about him, just to make sure he knows them too.

You are kind
You are strong
You are playful
You are curious
You are intelligent 
You are sensitive
You are thoughtful 
You are caring
You are loving
You are enthusiastic 
You are a child of God
You are loved


  1. Em, as a Kindy teacher, I'm SO excited for you and your family! What an exciting new chapter. I hope Zeph has a glorious introduction to Big School. It is such a precious time xx

  2. awe love this. It is so hard when they start school, but there are great things about it too. Love how you tell him all the wonderful things you know about him. Reminds me of the book "the help".

  3. Oh so wonderful! I'm sure in a blind of an eye my boy will be ready for school - and so we must savour each season!

  4. Yowser I get teary even thinking about this day for my firstborn and he isn't going until 2016! Lovely picture and beautiful words.

  5. Beautiful Em. Mine started this year, it was a huge adjustment for us all. Zeph will love it. x

  6. Oh how precious and such beautiful reminders! He's looking so grown up. He will adore it and blossom I'm sure.
    Soph xxx

  7. So exciting! My baby starts school next year. Can't believe it. Zeph will be fabulous. x

  8. Good luck Zeph. How exciting for him. x

  9. My little chicken started school a 2 weeks ago. :s oye...Its hard..for me more than for him. I cant wait to read your first day post. This one is beautiful.

  10. Such a bitter sweet time! Beautiful words xx


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em