Thursday, August 21, 2014


Okay, I'm sorry. Two wearing posts in a row is TOTALLY excessive not to mention snooozeworthy.

If you wanted to see the Dreamer Dress on a short round girl - here you go. It could have done with an iron but you know, who has an iron? I'm wearing the dreamer in SMALL.

I've worn mine with tights (because who bothers with hair removal in winter). It's a very floaty style and can be dressed up and down at leisure. You can see Sonia dressing it up here or Rach smashing a casual look here. There is limited stock left.

The second pic shows the Dusty Linen Dress in Steel. This is my favourite piece from the collection. It's SO wearable. So forgiving and such lovely quality. I'll be wearing it in every colour for every occasion! Yumballs. I'm wearing the Dusty in SMALL.

In other news, MY KIDS!!! Yes! I love them, they are naughty but I forgive them. I'm going to start doing the 52 Project again just so I can write love song dedications to their sweet little faces.

Night xx


  1. Yay! As a fellow short round girl who doesn't iron and who just bought the dreamer dress online last night, I for one am thrilled to see the dreamer dress on you! Love the look of that Linen dress too - I get a much better idea of what the clothes look like on you :) Do you mind me asking what size you wear in each of these dresses?

  2. DAYUM!

    You look positively lovely Em - and I too would like to know what size a petite lady should buy!

  3. Interested in sizing for a short breastfeeding mumma , also is access easy in either dress?

  4. Love both of these. Just noticed your new header.......I think it's the prettiest one yet! xo

  5. You look stunning Emily Xx Lisa Mckenzie

  6. Looking gorgeous Em! I especially fancy the lbd, very chic xo

  7. oh,y actual shit! Hearts in my eyeballs.

  8. Haha that should be "holy" actual shit...

  9. Em,
    I just have to say that I think you look stunning in both shots.
    Love it. Happy Friday!
    Ronnie xo

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em