Tuesday, August 19, 2014



This is the colour nearest the light. It appears on the slightest mitigation of light, whether by semi-transparent mediums or faint reflections from white surfaces. In prismatic experiments it extends itself alone and widely in the light space, and while the two poles remain separated from each other, before it mixes with blue to produce green it is to be seen in its utmost purity and beauty.

I'm in the mood for a little splash of yellow.. on everything!  I'm seeing sprays of bright Acacia blooming along roadsides all over and I love it!  Yellow has a freshness about it.  It is the colour of happiness, of friendship and fun..  It is guaranteed to make you smile every time*.

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards; quote from Brain Pickings.

*cheesy right..?  Cheese is yellow too - gotchya! 

Post by Nicole


  1. Yellow is such a lovely colour to lift your spirits. Happiness !! V x

  2. Loving yellow at the moment - I think it had to do with Aus coming to Spring! Yay for Yellow. Bec x


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