Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today I'm wearing the basics. The things I reach for (from the floor) most days. The things that hide the bulge and stains and are comfortable - you know, the standard uniform for the stay at home mum. I adore the plaid shirt for it's sweet round collar and slightly swingy shape. It's a pinch longer at the back with a lovely inverted pleat meaning there is plenty of room for my muffin top. This Bonfire Cashmere Cardigan has been a true staple this winter - it's super lightweight, not at all bulky but so very warm. Cashmere will most defiantly be back on the menu for Bohemian Traders next year.

Wearing | Everyday Style

Peasant Plaid Shirt | size 10 (currently on sale)
Bonfire Cashmere Cardigan | size medium (currently on sale)
Distressed Skinny Jeans | Size 10
Gorman Socks
Age old boots

Bohemian Traders is currently having it's end of season sale with over 50% off selected styles. Have you made an order? What did you choose?


  1. Love this look and love a good sale. Heading over to 'case' that shirt & the sale NOW.

  2. That outfit looks so cosy (and my three year old just looked at my laptop and said, she looks so pewful) I love an outfit that leaves room for muffin top, ah the life of a mum.

  3. I love my plaid shirt too. So easy. So warm.

  4. Totally cute and casual. And love your deck!
    Dawn Lucy

  5. This seems like a perfect fall outfit - I love the colors.


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