Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WALK WITH ME, HOLD MY HAND {my home spun boy}

This morning, after the girls had pulled out of the drive with their Nanny, Zeph and I stomped on our boots and ventured out the front gates. Just he and I.

We were going on a big adventure. Not far from home but in terms of life and it's many milestones, this was a very significant day.

Across the road and an onto the narrow concrete path we went. Holding hands and pausing occasionally to admire the scattered collection of match sticks on the grass or the gaggle of pink gala's in the open paddock, we walked slowly and methodically.

Each of us allowing every one of our senses to absorb the freshness of the morning - the crisp air pushing through Dave's knitted jumper that I threw on before we left, the clomp of Zeph's Spider Man gumboots, the knocking of one neighbour upon the door of another, the sound of our own voices as we chatted intermittently about what was to come.

Through the gates (shhh, the children are having their morning assembly), around the bend and into the heavily air conditioned office.

'Hello, My name is Emily, I'm here to collect the enrolment papers for my Son to start school'.

At that very moment as those words escaped from my mouth, Zeph and I both knew that we were really growing up. He and I together.

She gave us a glossy, emblem embossed folder filled with paper work and requested 3 forms of verification for our home address.

On the way home, my larger than life child was unusually introspective. His answers to my questions were offered in hushed tones and his hand gripped mine with an unfaltering firmness.

My boy. My not baby boy. My baby boy.

And like a loose thread on a knitted jumper these years are unravelling before me. They have only just begun yet somehow they're coming to an end.

Next year my home spun boy will venture farther afield and begging to knit a little story of his own.

He's ready.

I might be ready. Not sure yet.


  1. What a big moment for you both! How your boy has grown.
    (BTW, i still love reading your heartfelt posts, they are my favourite, and I totally understand why there are not as many these days -you know, caring for those kiddies and all - but I still love them x)

    1. Thanks lady! That's so lovely of you to say!

      yes, it was such a wonderfully big day. So excited for Zephie.


  2. It's crazy. I'm still adjusting to Angus being at school. And now I have to start preparing myself for Pete starting next year, and then Jamie the year after.....!
    Ronnie xo

  3. Oh my goodness my eldest doesn't go til 2016 and this post already has me in tears! Beautiful words x

  4. So beautiful Em. My big boy is meant to start next year but he is born two days before the cut off here in QLD so we will keep him in Kindy another year. I'm thankful for the year reprieve to be honest. I am not at all ready for him to be going to school.

    Your home spun boy will shine.

    x Laura

  5. It feels like only yesterday that my Baby Boy started school and now I suddenly find that he's in Year 11 and on Thursday will be old enough to go for his driver's licence … how totally horrifying!!!

  6. Such a beautiful post... makes me frightened for when my time arrives and anxious that it arrive at the same time... so good to have them tight to us and so proud of them while they are growing... motherhood is amazing!

  7. My little one is only 1 and I never want to let her go, dreading the day i have to let her go out into the world without me to protect her...even in kindy :(

  8. What a beautiful post, my darling boy starts school next year and is proudly telling everyone he meets...I am so looking forward to this next adventure is his life and look forward to hearing about your sons. You write so beautifully, it will be wonderful for Zeph to be able to read this as he grows older...

  9. Proudest moment seeing them flourish at school and the first is always the best as its an unknown, the others sorta got it goin' on by the time they arrive. You will love the time it gives you with the girls but be busting to pick him up every day (at least for the first term)

  10. Such a beautifully written post. Brought a lump to my throat. I remember when my first started school like it was yesterday.

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em