Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Photography by Bohemian Traders and my husband.

Hello, Nicole here - and that's my dorky face you see above!  This evening I'd like to welcome you to The People Style.  This new series is all about people and the different ways we express ourselves through how we dress.  

The Vintage Blanket Jacket above is my favourite piece of clothing.  Ever.  It's from Bohemian Tradersand of all the beautiful pieces hanging in my wardrobe, this is the one thing you'll see me in the most (no family bias here I promise!).  I love that it's hand crafted and fair trade; I love that it's one of a kind; I love that it's made from up-cycled fabrics in India; I love that I can reverse it to suit my mood or outfit.. It's amazing right?!

Not only do I love a beautiful bespoke find, I also love people a whole lot.  I love that we are all crazy different.  I love that someone else could put this jacket on and make it work in a completely unique way.  I love that we are all passionate about different things and creative in different ways.

Right here is where those two worlds will meet.  Fashion + People: The People Style.  

We're going to take a peek into peoples wardrobes and see their most loved item of clothing.. we'll hear from them how they wear it; what they are passionate about; where they shop; what is most important when choosing a piece of clothing..  I'm looking forward to being inspired by people and their style, and I hope you'll enjoy the ride too! 

Here is a bit about me and my jacket to kick us off:

Look 1 | Hat from Salvo's; bag from Ebay
Look 2 | Tee from artisan at the Olive Tree Market; belt from Salvo's; shoes from Rivers
Look 3 | Top from Little Tienda; skirt from clothes swap; socks from Asos

My personal style

Eclectic.  I leave a jumbled trail of random beautiful things wherever I go..!  feathers; old bottles; fabric remnants.. 

Favourite places to shop

Vintage or handmade from little towns I pass through. I recently spent a few days in Dunbogan (best name yes?) with a few girlfriends and we found a bundle of treasures in the local op-shops there!

Most important element in a garment

Natural Fibres and comfort. (although I struggle to pass by a crazy 70's synthetic number!)

Favourite season

Autumn.  I love the warm water and crisp air, the colours of the sky, and the flowers in bloom that time of year (I've been known to dress to match them too!)

How I spend my time

Aside from spending a bit more time around the traps here at The Beetle Shack, I spend a fair portion of my week with young people in my local high schools.  I chat with them about life and the universe, and the claims Jesus makes in the Bible.  I also draw things for people.  I'm a freelance illustrator and I'm currently working on illustrating my second kids book!  I like to surf in my spare time, bushwalk, hang out with friends.. (and attempting to quit coffee and hot chips).

That's me - I'll see you back here soon with someone new!  Nicole x


  1. welcome nicole! I can tell I'm going to like your posts, very much! but seriously - why on earth would you want to quit coffee and hot chips?!

    1. Thanks so much Tahnee I hope so!
      the coffee - I'd like to just have it for fun rather than every morning.
      the hot chips - the husband is worried for my heart..!

  2. Hi Nicole, lovely to meet you! I see you often on my instagram feed wearing gorgeous clothes! Lovely to know a little bit more about you x

    1. Thankyou! I stumbled across your families blog a while back - loved reading your story : )

      You should see me now - trackies and op-shop knit..! (my fav)

  3. I love your jacket - I was just wondering if all the jackets on the website are reversible? Love your style!

    1. too good to be true isn't it! They aren't necessarily designed to be reversible - but the prints and colours are so lovely how could we not! There are only pockets from one side though..

  4. Love your hair Nicole :) I'm looking forward to your series here!

  5. Hi Nicole. You are gorgeous. And you have FABULOUS style.

    I also truly admire your beautiful illustration work. Talent plus. x

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my work!! THANKYOU!

    2. Nic, this is a true compliment coming from Im. Her work is breathtaking. YOu two are a match made in crafty heaven!

  6. I used to live near Dunbogan. There are so many wonderful oppies around Laurieton and Port Macquarie. I miss them all. x

    1. Hope you get to go back often - they are the best!


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