Monday, July 28, 2014


April styles her JAG long sleeved dress.

Look 1 | Silk scarf from China; Shoes from Rubi Shoes
Look 2 |
 Skirt from Tree of Life; Earrings from Spain; Shoes from Zoe Wittner
Look 3 | 
Faux fur vest from Factorie; Shoes from Zoe Wittner 

April is beautiful.  You can tell can't you?  Not just the type of beautiful that looks good in photographs, but the type that comes from deep inside.  She has a gentle confidence about her, coupled with a real awareness and topped off with some crackpot humour that is bound to make any person feel at home around her!  She loves her family a whole lot - and gets to share wardrobes with them too.. win!

From April:
How do you spend your time
My time in the week is divided between studying (Primary Teaching), working, church, dreaming, reading, chattering and sharing moments with family and friends. 

What is your Personal Style

Goodness, that depends on the day. To reduce it down: Classic/eclectic with a bohemian twang. 

What do you love about this item

It's comfortable and fits well. I can belt it in at the waist if I want or let it flow. You needn’t match any tops and bottoms together – it’s an outfit in one. It’s such a good thing to have. 

Where do you love to shop

Country Road is a favourite for classic pieces that I mix with items from here and there.  I also ‘shop’ in my sisters wardrobes.

What is the most important element in an item

Always the fit. If it doesn’t fit you well or suit your shape, no matter the fabulousness of the piece, it won’t be doing much good. 

What is your favourite season

Possibly a tie between Autumn and Spring. It’s the delicious splice of warm days and cool nights that makes me love them so. The colours are so fresh and vivid. 

What is one thing more important than fashion

In clothes: Dressing to stay true to yourself - your shape, size and style.
In life: Jesus! Next is contentment. To be able to enjoy each situation in life and be at peace with what's happening. 

Post by Nicole


  1. Gorgeous! I am wearing the same shoes on my blog today. GO WITTNER!! xx

  2. Gorgeous and yes em you can tell April is beautiful what a happy smiling face she has and I love her outfits! Lisa Mckenzie

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em