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Well it's been a while between drinks, hasn't it. The next instalment of The Artist Series is finally here and what a sight for sore eyes! 

thank you so very much to Erin Flannery for producing the simple and stunning header for The Beetle Shack! Please do make sure you follow the links to visit Erin around the web.

Tell us a little bit about your life / work

I live a fairly quiet life, I live out of town so have chooks running around everywhere + a Spoodle as a 'Studio Assistant'! I love yoga, make fresh juices every day and love green tea + the occasional strong coffee if I'm out. If you follow my Instagram you probably think I'm a coffee addict but I'm actually not! I love small, beautifully designed houses. My house/studio is pretty minimal - sandstone downstairs and white high gloss floors upstairs. I'm a bit of a neat freak but don't mind bursts of clutter here and there and I'm always up for council pickup or cool vintage op shop finds!

I love changing my spaces around - narrowing things down to what works well together, what looks good and getting things down to bare basics. I'm more productive with less around me.

What inspired to to be an Artist/ Designer?

I didn't really have a choice, i just am! I grew up in a very creative household, LOTS of DIY projects as a little kid - everything from making your own paper and marbling it, blowing eggs and dyeing them with onion skins for Easter, homemade play-dough, painting anything and everything including the dogs toenails, running around with old film cameras that didn't work, dress ups and lots of animals everywhere! Im pretty much doing the same thing now except my camera is now digital and actually works! It all got a little more serious in my final years at school studying art for my HSC then moving on to study graphic design after that. I just started stretching and painting canvases… after a while i was represented by a gallery and never looked back!

Is there an artist that you turn to for inspiration when you need it? 

It must seem strange but i really don't follow many artists, its the last thing i want to look at when i look at paint all day! I'm much better off looking at interiors and design in Real Living or Inside Out - looking at interiors also helps me create pieces that will fit into someone's home rather than create a piece that looks like someone else's artwork.

What is your favourite colour?

Oh dear, this is a hard question - it regularly changes! Right now it’s Prussian Blue. I just painted a canvas with a patterned background using this colour and i fell in love with it just a little bit more. (I already rather fancied it before this but now it’s true love.) I used to only paint in black and white so colour is actually a new addition for me - I get a real kick out of strange colour combinations rather than just loving single colours. I like tiny snippets of neon pink and orange and metallic gold too!

Is there a symbol that you find yourself using repeatedly in your work? Can you explain it to us?

I use a lot of spots, stripes and other markings that are repeated to create pattern and shape but i mainly use them because i think they look nice. I have also only ever paint females up until now! I think my portraits of girls all have a certain something about them but its more an attitude or feeling than an actual symbol. I don't consciously set out to use symbols in my work but that could change! 

Happiest childhood memory?

I grew up in the country with just minimal cool amount of stuff. I always loved animals and had a lot of them around me - chooks, ducks, turkeys, goats, cows, horses, cats, dogs…i even had a pet hare for a while! I loved riding my horse, jumping around in the hay shed, running around with my old broken film camera and stealing cherry tomatoes out of the garden. It was all very simple and i love that - I can never get over how many toys kids have these days!

Your greatest achievement?

Hmmmm I'm not sure yet - i think it may be still to come. So far I'm pretty proud of being a professional artist and finally being able to touch my toes with ease thanks to yoga!

Did it take long to truly develop your own style? It is so unique and identifiable.

Yes! It’s taken me about 10 years to get to this point - i purposely haven't rushed it or forced it and i continue to do that although i feel its speeding up a tiny bit now! It’s such a great feeling to have a style that is yours and one that you're happy with. You start taking more risks and pushing things a bit further…thats when you start hitting your straps!

Website: www.erinart.net
Instagram: @erinisanartist
Represented by: Anthea Polson Art 
Buy Erin's art at Fenton & Fenton

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