Sunday, July 20, 2014


1. That Winter light. I just can't get enough.

2. Team Butcher. I haven't shared the details of our home butchery experience but I will. Don't worry, I'll clearly label the post so that you can skip if if you'd rather :)

3. Our Magnolia tree has had it's finest bloom in quite a few years. I can't help but bring a branch in with me every now and again.

4. On top of the coffee machine - the perfect place for pizza dough to rise on cool winters days.

5. Home made muesli. You can guess who made it, can't you? DAVE. booom. That's right.

6. Little darling one in all her sweetness.

7. A pic from my camera of the new Bohemian Traders shoot. I can't wait to share all the details with you but for now, why not grab a treasure or two from the 50% off end of season sale?


  1. Oh the dough on the coffee machine is GENIUS!

  2. Elke looks so big! When did that happen? Why does that have to happen?
    And the new BT shoot looks amazing!

  3. That's really odd - there's a link to one of my previous Weekly Stills posts (the one with the collection of shells) but I didn't add it today. I added a link, but not that one! Weird!

    1. Oh, crikey! There's another one! How odd - I promise I'm not spamming the linky!

  4. Looks like your Link Up is playing up - it did last week as's shown all of last weeks ones but the bottom row (currently as I look at it - the 9th row/line) is the current one). Last week did the same and it grabbed the buttons from the week before). This has happened for at least 2 weeks now. Good luck sorting that out.

  5. Thanks guys. Not sure what's up with that but I'll look
    Into it

  6. That magnolia shadow is magic. And I'm a sucker for a still life, if you can tell me a bit more about the hydrangeas?

  7. yes, i love the magnolia + shadow, so pretty. And love my bohemian traders goodies that came this week x

  8. Oooh... winter light. LOVE.
    Ronnie xo

  9. great pics hope you've had a nice weekend :)

  10. O those magnolias! Just stunning. Love the sea shoot.

  11. Crikey mikey your photos are just so good. All that light and fanciness! Plus mega cute mini human xx

  12. I pop in each week to see your stills and this week is a cracker - loving so many elements of your sharing.
    Thank you x

  13. Looks like happy days in the beetle shack household. Hope you have a great week Em. x

  14. Your Magnolia plant is gorgeous. Love your 'light' photo too


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