Sunday, July 6, 2014


1. My littlest girl and I enjoying a sunset picnic by the ocean. So romantic.

2. These two are SO tight. It's such a heart warming thing, the love of little ones for their father.

3. My treasured Ice Dyed table cloth by Lumiere. It's either over the back of the lounge, on the table or in the wash.

4. Dave's home made bacon. He's going to write a post about the meat we've raised and how/ why we've done it, given it's rather unconventional. 

5. My ginormous
 Gypsy Weekender.

6. The sweetest holiday scene. We've taken to spending 'rest' time together on my bed with a movie on the lap top. It's usually Frozen, who am I kidding. Okay, it's ALWAYS frozen. Anyone else know all the words to all the songs?

7. Books, flowers and an empty water bottle.

I hope the holidays are shaping up beautifully for you.


  1. You should hear Hugo sing "In Summer". It's the funniest thing!

  2. am currently terrorising my children with let it go every moment that I can. And my middle guy tells me I'm a bit of a fixer-upper. In the meantime, those blues on your kid are the blue-est in all the land! Hope all things are good for you. xx S.

  3. Beautiful photos as always, that is some good looking bacon! x

  4. Definitely keen to know more about the bacon! Simon would love to cure his own meat and I'd love to help eat it.

  5. sounds like a lovely week. toatally looking forward to hearing how you made your own bacon and raised your own meat. i totally buy into the idea of eating less meat but focusing on higher quality more ethically produced product. where i live, however, it's a bit difficult to find, sadly.

  6. that bacon! lady, i love following your life. xx


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