Thursday, July 24, 2014


Welcome to our second fresh series this month!  

I'd like to introduce you to Forgotten Crafts - a series in which we delve into the rich history of being human and making a life on this beautiful planet.  

If you're a long term reader at The Beetle Shack you will have seen a desire to live simply and responsibly, which often means living more slowly for the benefit of health, family, and local community.  
If we skip back a handful of generations we can see that slow and simple living wasn't really an intentional lifestyle choice - slow was the only way things rolled.  

People made things, grew things, fixed things, traded things and found things because that was the only option.

Technology and globalisation mean that our world is now moving at a pace our great great grandparents may never have even dreamed possible.  

While there is much to be grateful for as a result of this immense change, there is also a lot to appreciate in how our forefathers lived. 

There in lies the crux of 'Forgotten Crafts'.

Over the coming months we'll explore some of the techniques and traditions relating to how things were done 'back in my day'.  Many are still possible today but are most commonly passed over in favour of the quick, cheap and easy.

I'm a huge believer in making, fixing and finding - which you've seen a little of already - and I know we'll discover great beauty and inspiration in looking back!

Post by Nicole.


  1. Can't wait to see what you share here, Nicole. There are so many alternatives to handing over cash for mass-produced things and much better stories in the slow and steady existence. I watched a beautiful short film recently about a man who puts together scissors. You'll never see a pair of snips in the same way again!

    1. Such a cool film Kate! I love stuff like that - there is so much beauty in a well made object / tool.

    2. Ah that is amazing Kate thanks so much for sharing!

      Glad you're looking forward to this series - you'll have to let me know if you've got any fun ideas to look into for it..!

  2. I think everyone should take a leaf out of bygone days we should men's make and swap with others for things we need I would so love to see this happen,great post Emily Lisa Mckenzie

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em