Thursday, July 17, 2014


Recently we traveled to Taronga Zoo with the kids. It was SUCH a lovely (and full) day out. We were fortunate to have glorious sunny weather complete with a crisp breeze and light sun shower at lunch time.

We caught the ferry across and enjoyed the sights and sounds along the way. We seldom take big adventures with our young ones, preferring to stay close to home and play in our own garden (a bit lame, I know). I'm so glad we put the effort in for this one!

We packed up snacks and drinks so we didn't need to stop for food, although we did buy hot chips for lunch, cus you know, yum.  The pram ensured little legs had time to rest and Elke Bear could have a sleep when she needed it.

After catching the ferry back to Darling Harbour we lingered around with dripping ice creams to watch the street performances. The kids even got to join in! CRAZY! They have no reservations about being in front of a crowd- I hope that lasts!

Have you done Taronga Zoo with the kids? What are your tips and tricks for a full day out with kids in tow?


  1. Nothing lame about garden adventures- they are the best kind of adventures, always.

  2. my favorite place in the world! we used to go at least once a week- so many memories of being a mum of one and having lazy days with my little girl at taronga!

  3. We go to taronga often, thanks to our membership. It's A's happy place. I have often hauled my camera along thinking to shoot and post for the blog but I always talk myself out of it thinking the pix will be completely lame... So your post has blown me away, soooo lovely Em. I am completely impressed you've changed my perspective of shooting family at the zoo. You are very clever and these photos are your best in a long time.

  4. I need to visit the zoo again. Such great pics.

  5. I think the sleeping lion is my very favourite x

  6. Amazing shots Em. Your kiddies just keep getting more gorgeous. Taronga is a fab day out, albeit a little tiring, but all good things require a bit of effort :) Looking forward to visiting this beautiful space more often, after a long hiatus from blogging xo


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