Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm a huge lover of vintage glass bottles.  And.. I have way too many!  Here's a little something to freshen up your collection if you're like me and have an overflow of beauties..  Or if you don't - a little something to inspire you to embark on a hunt for the perfect trio to use in this rustic vase setup!  If dusty antique stores ain't your thing - I've heard there is often a nice glass bottle selection at the $2 shops these days..  This DIY can be adapted for as many or as few bottles as you like!

What you need
  • Glass bottle/s 
  • Recycled timber (I used an old fence paling)
  • Saw (I used a jigsaw but it's not too good with the old straight line!)
  • Drill
  • Spade bit (This needs to be wide enough for bottle necks to fit through*)
  • Screws / Nails x8 (I used brass decking nails as they'e pretty lovely)
  • Hammer

How to
  1. Move bottles around on top timber piece to find desired spacing.
  2. Meausure approximately 8cm from edge of outside bottles and cut timber to length.
  3. Measure and cut base timber to length - it will be two thicknesses shorter than top timber piece.
  4. Place bottles on base and measure from ground to where on the bottles you want the top timber piece to rest.
  5. Cut the side timber pieces to length using this measurement.
  6. Mark the centre of your top timber piece and drill hole for bottle neck. 
  7. Mark the centre to the left and right of centre hole and drill 2nd and 3rd hole.
  8. The sides will be attached to the base first, so place side to base at 90 degrees, drill and attach accordingly. (I've used two nails to attach each piece of timber)
  9. Place bottles on base structure and line up top timber piece.
  10. Drill holes and attach top timber piece.
  11. Place at your favourite window, fill with your favourite flowers, watch the light dancing through!
*You may have noticed my bottles change halfway through this DIY?! This was due to poor planning and laziness - the spade bit was too small for my first bottles so I used a different three that had smaller necks.  I would advise you to be a little better planned than me or alternatively be bothered to visit the hardware store and purchase the correct size drill bit!

DIY by Nicole


  1. So clever! They look amazing! :) My 4yo seems to be at that stage of ALWAYS picking me flowers any time we come in or out of the yard so I may just have to create something like this! :)

    1. Perfect timing! I'm sure your 4yo would love to help you construct this DIY too?!

  2. Hi,

    Gorgeous blog. Why have I only discovered your blog now. I had a few moments to myself this morning with a silent house and a cuppa coffee so and I thought I would go for a wander through blog land. Starting with my followers to say a quick 'Hi'. I will be back soon as your blog is beautiful and I know I will enjoy myself whenever I visit here. Cheers Amanda

  3. Love it! Simple and very effective.


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