Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Secret Life of Tom

Young lady, you have a style about you, that's for sure. Until last week, you dressed your self in exclusively boys clothing with the exception of a grey hoodie sporting a large pink flamingo on the front and some unisex treasures I bought you from Paul & Paula.

Last week you discovered 'Frozen'. Your first Disney Princess experience and you were magically transformed into a princess… for about 30 seconds. Note glamorous photo above. This mumma knows how to seize the day. Girl in Girl's clothing must be documented.

When we're driving with the windows down you like to lean into the breeze and let your tongue hang from the side of your mouth, just like a puppy. With your hair swirling all around you close your eyes until they're just a wee slit and absorb the goodness with each of your senses.

Your temper is fiery and I feel confident that you will use your voice well and with purpose throughout your life, just as you do now.

At the tender age of three, you play the role of 'little mummy' to perfection, for a tom-boy.

You linger when hugging and one day, I expect you'll snort when laughing.

You're less mysterious than you used to be. Revealing yourself to us a little more each day and finding your perfect place in this little family.

You, my girl, make us laugh.

Don't go changin'.

I Wish I Could Be You, Mum


  1. Simply…bless… gorgeous words Emily for a gorgeous girl xxx

  2. How gorgeous. I have one the same. She said to me today 'Mum, I think I'm boyish, because I like boy things'. Don't you just love those little moments. x

  3. Such a sweetie. Don't you love getting to know them. Jo xx

  4. Oh Em, what beautiful words. She is a true little treasure your Tom. By the sounds of it- she has it all figure out - by the tender age of 3. xx

  5. I love these little tributes to your kids. You express the situation so well. Pip sounds like a very special individual :-) I have only boys, so I find it fascinating to hear what having a girl can be like :-)

  6. Just divine, I adore Tom Boys.. best girls on the planet x

  7. This is a beautiful loveletter you've written to your daughter...
    One of the best I have read.
    It makes me wanna know her :)



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