Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Starting The Day Right {reducing the brain fog}

Since becoming a mother some 5 years ago I've felt rushed. You know, rushing to feed the baby, dress the baby, get the baby to sleep. Rushing to feed the toddler, dress the toddler, exhaust the toddler and get the toddler to sleep. Rushing to convince the pre schooler to dress them self, feed them self and exhaust them self and so on. I can't even begin to image the rushing that will come next year when Zeph starts school!

The constant bustle combined with sleep deprivation has resulted in major brain fog for me and lets be honest, a lovely side of anxiety too.

 It doesn't matter how many children you have, they will consume all of your spare time and stealing a little back for yourself can be a challenge.

For me, this is most evident in my diet (oh and the wiry grey strands showing on my crown, my hairy legs and my stray chin whiskers - hair, so problematic!).

I start each day with a Dave made coffee and usually nothing else passes my lips until the 2pm cravings begin and I reach for the choc bits at the back of the pantry. Obviously this isn't the best plan for my health but what do you do? Some days I literally just don't have the time to eat. Poor time management? Perhaps.

In a bid to look after myself a little better and reduce the brain fog while acknowledging the time constraints that life with 3 kids brings, I've started taking a multi vitamin containing vitamin B12 (it's all about the B vitamins).

While I may not get to have breakfast and lunch (surely the best way to give your body what it needs), I will have a little much needed boost via the vitamin.

So far, so good!

Gosh, the luxury that is a bowl of cornflakes! Who would have thought!?


  1. eat, lovely. My lesson for the past month or so: fill my own cup first, and be generous with the overflow. xx

    1. Really, really good advice. If we mums are out of action due to lack of care for ourselves the whole family suffers. Make breakfast muffins and freeze them (individually wrapped) - take one out the night before and you can much on one with your coffee in the morning or while the kids eat their breakfast xo

  2. Oh Em. I've been known to eat peanut butter out of the jar around lunchtime as well.
    But at breakfast time, I have to admit my own breakfast is non-negotiable otherwise I can't function much less get the boys to school and preschool!
    Ronnie xo

  3. Eat a massive bowl of oats when you serve the kiddos their brekky! The baby can wait, throw some seeds/nuts and milk in there and you have a healthy museli oaty thing that will keep you full for ages! I agree with 'sascedar' you must look after yourself...Im learning that with my recent 3rd addition, I reckon things are worse when one is 'hangry' Fill your own tank and you'll have more to give I say. xox

  4. I watched a doco on the weekend and the bear with a cub caught a gorgeous wild summer in the river. They waddled up to the bank and the mother stripped the fish and ate the majority before she fed the cub. The narrator spoke while this was happening and said (paraphrasing here), 'The mother ensures she is well fed and nourished before the cub as she needs to energy to feed the bear milk still and requires the energy to get more food and protect the pack." You are mother bear!!!

  5. Um, that is salmon, not summer. I need to eat something too!!!

  6. Gosh I know how busy life is with 2 little ones so I can imagine the craziness that is 3, but there is no way I can function without at least breakfast. Most mornings I make a big pot of porridge that feeds us all (baby included). It takes really not much time at all (I stir while unpacking the dishwasher and getting kindy lunch ready) and then I find if I don't have time for lunch the oats will see me through til dinner (at a stretch) and prevent that crazed starved feeling which sends me stuffing piece after piece of bread lathered in butter in my mouth at 2pm.
    x Laura

  7. I feel dizzy if I don't eat far out 2pm is a long wait!!
    But I have had days that have been on the unhealthy side...
    Having no5 baby sure has taken me to a new level of brain fog!!
    I have tried to cure it with these products .. inner health capsules, vital greens tastes gross but feels like you have had
    2 coffees to me anyway, floradix iron supplement makes me feel energetic!! Plus 1 or 2 coffees!!

  8. YES, that is it! Feeling rushed. Every day. Even during moments of quiet time - which do occur as they get older, trust me - I hear myself saying quietly "I've got to get this finished before they descend upon me". The greatest impact is on my rushed eating to keep energy levels up to keep up with the rushing. Sometimes I wonder why I am eating so fast. Obviously I am dramatising a little. I do promise that, with an 18, a 10 and a 4 year old I have moments of peace and quiet. I do also thing, however, that the eldest needs just as much attention, of a different nature, as a four year old.

    And breathe...


  9. eat. do it. i had to put myself in time out the other day because i didn't eat breakfast and was grumpy.
    I find muslea hits the spot and now it's winter you can make a big batch of porridge on monday and blast servings that bad boy in the microwave each morning. Lots of sultanas and honey.. keep you going till sun down. ;)

  10. My boys eat breakfast, then they know not to pester me for at least ten mins while I have my big arse bowl of oats. It's my only quiet time in the day and it keeps me going for ages. Love my breakfast time.

  11. Oh I cannot function without breakfast...have always made that a priority since day 1
    Do it...you won't back!!!

  12. i know the frustration of not feeling like you have a minute or a free hand to eat. i often end up skipping lunch because of this, but i force myself to eat some eggs or oats every single morning. i am positive i am a much nicer, better functioning woman because of it!

  13. Ha ha…I just wrote a post about how I am a crazy hangry mother!
    I don't eat…because I don't have the time or really the inclination to make myself anything…and then I get crazy angry!
    I take a multivitamin.
    And I have vowed to eat porridge for breakfast…and maybe even lunch!

  14. Olive just confirmed that I have my very first grey hairs. I'd been looking above my ears when they were above my eyes all along!! And also, I enrolled Olive in school today. SCHOOL. LUNCHES. SCHOOL UNIFORM. ETC. I'm terrified. Kellie xx
    PS You're probably better off taking B12 drops than a multi? I think it's metagenics, they have a spray that is really great.

  15. I don't know that it calms down much as they get older...it just seems to be a different kind of rushing.

    but a tired, grouchy mamma is not good. Make sure to find, and most definitely, claim a few minutes of the day all for yourself. you deserve it. ♥

  16. I microwave oats and milk and frozen berries for my breakfast porridge, and then throw some plain yogurt on top, it is so quick and yummy that I even do it on the weekends now! If I ever don't get breakfast I find I snack all afternoon and end up feeling gross.

  17. There are days when Breakfast doesn't happen till J is delivered to school... But let me tell you, things function for me much better once I have sat down with my bowl (I have been known in the past to breastfeed the baby [whichever one it was at the time] and feed myself breakfast at the same time!). I will say that B vitamins DO make a big difference. When I was pregnant with baby S, I had to have B12 injections... and the difference was tangible within 30 mins!!! I was able to think more clearly, remember things, and had WAY more energy afterwards (I was super low though). Do what works best for you babe. But remember what the airlines teach you... put your own oxygen mask on first. Sigh. Right... and now I have the munchies! Pass the chocolate please. x0x

  18. B12 - a great baby step. I think the general words of encouragement here are to make the next baby step some breakfast. It's the discipline of taking care of yourself that is so hard when you're bone weary. And yet the cycle of exhaustion builds on coffee and chocolate - from my experience! Keep up those baby steps. xx

  19. B12 was really good for me! I take floradix/iron and a good multi, too. I have to have breakfast or I'm ready to cut a bitch by 11am. Lunch is the one I forget :-(


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em