Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wearing: One Dress Three Ways

The Slouchy Everyday Dress is the perfect piece for layering throughout Winter. Long sleeved, light weight and lose fitting - basic to a T. If I had a life and ever went travelling or on holidays, I'd take this with me as it can be dressed up or dressed down with a simple shoe change and doesn't crease easily.


Slouchy Everyday Dress in Ocean - Size Medium

I'm wearing floral as part of the Style and Shenanigans Print Challenge! 

Sorry I've been tardy on the Stills Collection but I've been so busy packing Striped Tee Shirt Dresses that I haven't had any spare time! A good problem to have!


  1. em. you have totally suckered me in. I have been staring at this and the striped tee for days. Can you give me a little help though?... I'm usually a size 12 and about 170 tall.... what size should I order?


    1. I'd size up personally. At least for me I need a bit of extra room around the ol' tum (spanx always help). So i'd say a Large :)

  2. Oh gorgeous Emily. I love frocks, I love versatility, I love it done three ways! Thanks for joining in #snsprint too! xx

  3. Em, your dress is gorgeous, but I couldn't stop looking at your beaming face. You are very pretty and you look so happy. xxoo

  4. Lovely lovely lovely!! Loving all of your pieces at the moment - this here lady has GOT to get back to work to earn some clothes - er... money!!

  5. i love the dress... the shade of blue looks similar to denim...all three looks are great

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em