Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Photographed by Emily Beetleshack

This is my dream Family Home. Open plan with seamless indoor/outdoor living and filled with clean, modern furniture. It's got just the right amount of colour and plenty of style. From personal experience, I can say this this home is an 'entertainers delight' (I read that in a real-estate mag once and thought I should throw it in, you know, to sound totally pro) with it's central sun deck that opens onto the kitchen and sunken lounge room. Thanks for having us Nat and Nath. We will have to pop back and see that smoking hot wood fired oven Nath is making!

Who lives here?
 Nath who works in construction and is the creative one in our family, me, Natalie, a part-time social worker and full time mum and our beautiful boys Ethan (10), Arky (8) and Eddie (3)

What is your style ethos?
 I'm a very practical person so I like to keep it simple. I love scandinavian interiors, they are functional,  use natural materials and are designed around natural light.

Who/what inspires your style?
 I'm inspired mostly by my creative friends and I'm always feeling more inspired after sometime outdoors.

Where is your favourite place to sit?
 During the day I love to sit or lie in the sun on the floor in the front room with a good book or magazine. During the evening, on the lounge in the back living room with some good tunes playing while I'm entertained by the  boys dancing or this weeks favourite playing charades.

How does the layout of your home affect the way you live/function within it?
 We spent some time designing our house and although its not large its very functional and we use every inch of it. The house was also was designed and built by an environmentally friendly company so it doesn't require a lot of heating and cooling which is great. We love to entertain so the kitchen courtyard space works well for that.

What are your future plans/dreams for your house?
 We designed the house with plans for stage two which will be an adolescent retreat downstairs. Given that Ethan is already ten we probably should get  started on that soon. Nath has recently began work on the outdoor wood fire pizza oven and extension to the back deck.

Any tips for someone who might like to emulate your style (places to shop, key items colours etc)?
 You'll have to ask Nath, he's the home wares shopper and stylist, I'm much more of an opportunistic shopper.  I would have to say though keep it simple, choose things that you love, are functional and have meaning to you. 

What makes a house a home?
 The family in it,  special family rituals and a few well loved items.

See other homes from The Family Home Project and don't forget to check back next month as we have a TOTALLY dreamy house tour planned.

product list/resource guide

Lounges, floor mats, kitchen table, stools//IKEA . Soft Furnishing in Lounge room//BEYOND MARRAKECH . Carved wooden side table in lounge room//DELLIS FURNITURE . Dining Chairs, Eames recliner// MATT BLATT . Retro Sideboard// VINTAGE . Kantha Throw in master bedroom// BOHEMIAN TRADERS . Linen Thow on edge of bath//LUMIERE ART + CO .


  1. So clean simple and uncluttered, I could move right in! The perfect amount of "stuff". I do wonder where that lovely clock above your dining table is from, I would love one too!

  2. What a beautiful home. You two have a similar style I think.

  3. Oh to have such little clutter! I wish! A beautiful home and well done you on some fab photos!!

  4. gorgeous! so much light and clean lines, i love it. thanks for sharing this amazing house Em!

  5. I love the openness of this home, you can tell each living area was carefully considered. What a luxury to live in stuff a space.

  6. What an amazing family home, simple, sophisticated. Love it.

  7. This is just lovely. Gorgeous style. x

  8. Amazing house! So neat and stylish yet warm and friendly. Pin pin pin.

  9. Some gorgeous spaces and very well photographed ;) You had me at pizza oven.

  10. Love the space and all that natural light, plus the deeck is pretty cool too! Beautiful home…Thanks for sharing x

  11. Amazingly pristine, I think.. given 3 boys reside there! -- but nonetheless aesthetically pleasing x

  12. Oh how utterly gorgeous. Love those huge windows and the pops of natural green. I'm not usually into clean, modern, scandinavian... but everything I've seen lately has been challenging my notions of what I thought I liked! I pinned that world map wallpaper a couple of days ago, it's a must for my future home :)

  13. Such a bright, sunny and lovely home. Great photos, Em!
    Ronnie xo

  14. LOVE this place. It gives me so many great ideas :)

  15. What a beautiful light filled and clean lines home...Love it!

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