Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taking my Spring Dresses into Winter

I've had a few questions in the past week or so asking for advice on how to style the Bohemian Traders Sunset Dresses for Winter. Personally I love a garment that I can wear almost all year round. Something easy, comfortable and floaty please (we don't want to be bulging once we've added our winter coat).

I often find myself layering Spring Dresses during the cooler months. Really, there is nothing a good pair of opaque tights can't fix, is there?!

I love the super thick footless tights (with control panelling) from Forever New. They are THE BEST tights I've ever found and retail in store for $39 or so - well worth the spend. They only seem to come in black so are great for darker coloured garments like this striped dress which I'm actually wearing right now (size small) with said tights.

I wore the outfit above on the weekend and paired a daggy old pair of knitted cotton tights in grey marl with my Sunset Dress in Cloud. Grey tights give a softer appearance than heavy black tights and the ribbing adds a pinch of texture which in nice on chilly days.

I've layered my Slouchy Angora Cardi in Stone over the top for warmth and topped it off with the Pom Pom Beanie in Champagne. On really cold days I'd add a denim jacket (keep your eyes peeled on Bohemian Traders for that) and thick grey woollen scarf.

The Medina Bag is the perfect size for my essentials including wallet, phone, banana, 246 random toys and 2765 receipts. It's completed with an internal zipper pocket for my keys (phone goes in the front pocket). 


Sunset Dress in Cloud - Size Small

So, there you have it. Do you find yourself layering up your lighter weight dresses for winter? Or are you a jeans girl?


  1. I like to layer, though being in Tassie I find there are some winter days where you just can't go past jeans! I love the look and I'm a fan of grey stockings too!!

  2. I love this! I wear Summer and Spring dresses in Winter all the time. Rachel xx

  3. Oh so beautiful! Love yourroom by theway, adore the floors!!!

  4. Love this! The layering and colors are perfection.

    Visiting from WIWW :)

  5. i love the stone colour of the cardi and beanie!!!

  6. Love the whole outfit! Great way to make those dresses stretch a little longer.

  7. OMG you're so cute. I love this look. I would die in it with our Texas heat but I love it on you!

    On Hayden Lane

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em