Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stills : A Weekly Collection

 1. This little pork chop was sitting on the bench to 'help' me with the dishes/ stop her screaming at my ankles and you know, she ended up in the sink… fully clothed.

2. Kitchen installations from my young Pip. If a girls gotta be in the kitchen then she might as well make art, right?

3. Autumn light even makes my washing look ethereal.

4. This little lady (who still goes by the name of Tom, just Tom) had a hair cut.

5. If she looks mischievous, it's because she is.

6. White Rabbit.

7. My darling hearted boy. 5 years old, tender and wonderful.

8. Behind the scenes from last weeks Bohemian Traders shoot. We've got another one coming up in a couple of weeks.

Anyways, HI GUYS!! I feel like i've been a bit MIA from The Beetle Shack blog of late and quite frankly, I miss it. I'm going to make a big fat slice of time for blogging this week. Boring for you, ACE FOR ME!!!


Hope you're well. Dave and I are singing along to Paul Kelly and devouring a cheese platter. See you tomorrow :)


  1. Perfect way to spend your Sunday evening :) We miss you too but hey... Life is life and it stops for no one. A lovely week to you.

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I received my two beautiful dresses from your darling range this week and I couldn't be more happier :) Thank You!

  2. So many times my girls ended up in the sink fully clothed!! Feels like it was just yesterday but that was {cough} 15 years ago now!!

    Jos xx

  3. Gorgeous stills. I smiled when I saw the first photo. My son use to do the same thing at about the same age. I look forward to seeing you more here. xxoo

  4. Make sure you check out the Paul Kelly exhibition at the art gallery at East Gosford. I had tears! It brought back a load of festival memories!

  5. The joy of motherhood - always so much washing! I love Paul Kelly, and would be singing along with you. Me? I've been listening to the Top Gun Soundtrack. Yes, 1986 was an AWESOME year. x

  6. beautiful photos,love the first one!

  7. I think I have weekly stills envy - there's just something about every one of these photos that has me swooning. Autumn light is pretty amazing right! You are clever with the camera Em. Have a great week - I look forward to reading all your posts this week...get blogging girl x

  8. Love that beautiful afternoon light. So pretty this time of year! And look at Miss Elke, what a big girl! Where did the year go? xx

  9. Gorgeous use of light in your photos.

  10. Love the photo of Elke in the sink, it's just easier sometimes to go with it :)

  11. Oh that bunny, so cute. Nice to see you Em. x

  12. Love all your family pics ,you have beautiful Children!

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em