Monday, April 14, 2014


images by Luisa Brimble

It's with great excitement that we tour through the home of Traci and Phil. I've been a fan of these two and their super stylish digs for years and it was so terribly exciting to meet the dynamic duo and their delicious boy Van in person. Their renovated minors cottage is filled with light, colour and love.  A combination of polished concrete and white washed floorboards provide the perfect palette for layers of print and vibrant hues along with treasured keepsakes and vintage finds. As an added bonus, their house is currently listed for Auction, so you too can take a walk through! For detail and dates on Open Houses please get in touch with Traci at traci.devlin (at) gmail (dot) com.

Who lives here? 

Phil, my Coopers drinking, beard wearing, tool toting super plumberwho (annoyingly but conveniently!) is really very good at anything heturns his hand to....I mean he basically rebuilt this whole house! Ourcheeky baby boy Van who's 5 months old and me a current stay at homemum but come early 2015 I'll be back working as an Executive Assistantin the architecture field. We also have two fur babies, Halo a crazyBoston Terrier and Frankie a very hungry Frenchie x Pug.

What is your style ethos?

More is more! I really don't discriminate or buy into a certain style.Whether it's vintage, rustic, handmade, country or modern - I don'tmind. What's most important is that it means something to me. Thatwhen I see it I get that 'must have' feeling...... you know the onethat leaves you thinking about it days after so you know you just HAVEto have it?! I believe that if you just buy things you love that theywill somehow all work together. Oh and colour, I love colour.

Who/what inspires your style?

I think Instagram is magic for inspiration and to help findindependent sellers with beautiful, unusual products. I'm also asucker for Real Living, Inside Out, Apartment Therapy and of coursevarious blogs, in particular The Beetle Shack, BabyMac, Honey and Fizzand A Beautiful Mess.

Where is your favourite place to sit?

We often find ourselves on the front steps in the late afternoon,shooting the breeze with neighbours, quite possibly with an icy coldCoopers in hand.

How does the layout of your home affect the way you live/function within it?

Our living area is open plan with our home made dining table smackbang between the lounge, kitchen and back deck. So we tend to spendthe majority of our time there, especially when entertaining. It justseems to be the place people gravitate to.

What are your future plans/dreams for your house?

After years of discussion we have decided to take the plunge and moveto the NSW South Coast. So I'm currently house hunting for another oldhome to inject life into. While it'll be really sad to say goodbye tothis house, which we always thought would be our forever home, I'mexcited at the prospect of doing it again but on a much larger scale.Bring on the shopping and decorating!

Any tips for someone who might like to emulate your style (places to
shop, key items colours etc)?

I have collected little knick knacks throughout the years, some boughtwhilst traveling and others sentimental items from family members andthen I find that they look best sitting alongside other items ofsimilar colour. They don't have to be the same style or even have thesame use - colour will unite them. So now I find that I have littlecollections throughout my home. Even my bookcase is colourcoordinated! Also when we renovated it was really important to me to have a simplepalette of grey and white, with the addition of mixed finishes likeexposed brick, polished concrete, timber paneled walls. We thenbrought this to life with lots of colour and art.

What makes a house a home?

A cosy house filled with family, love, laughter and pets. There isnothing I love more than someone telling me that my home feels cosy,and how comfortable they feel here. It's that indescribable feelingthat hits you as soon as you walk in the front door.
Resource guide

image 2: Lounge Room
bambi print//teem collective
bambi lamp//urban outfitters
flower crown//asos
tv unit//ikea

image 3: Lounge Room
custom deer head//etsy
spot decals//looksugar
terrarium//moss & bone
cushions//ikea, freedom, lark

image 4: Dining Room
clock//mitchell rd auctions
artwork//custom painting by Clare Hampshire
cushions//ikea, freedom, salvation jane

image 5: Dining Room
cushions//freedom, lark

image 6: Dining Room
coloured book stand//tree of life
red pendant lights//coledale markets
bag//bohemian traders

image 7: Dining Room
artwork//prints found on venice beach

image 9: Kitchen
small blue saucepan//garage sale
bird tray//ikea

image 10: Kitchen
crystal glasses//belfast

image 11: Bathroom
glass deer jewellery container//etsy

image 12: Bedroom 1
bed//second hand
miffy//mr maria
anchor cushion and spotty pillowslip//nowhere creek
leopard pillowslip//target
mexican blanket//venice beach

image 13: Bedroom 1

image 14: Bedroom 1
bookcase//coledale markets

image 15, 16 & 17 : Bedroom 2 
bedside tables//ikea
fox print//dale hessey
holga//the lomography shop
lamp//barbara's storehouse
linen//real living for target
cushions//nowhere creek

image 18: Bedroom 2
chest of drawers//gumtree
vintage mirror//ebay
painting//keith weesner
chinese statues//wedding gift

image 19: Bedroom
bag//loblee photography and bags

image 20, 21 & 23 : Van's Room
baby rocker motorbike//too cool for school
blanket//made by others
cot//incy interiors
sheet//ivie baby shop
snake//fern living
mobile//down that little lane
change table//second hand
onesie//mini & maximus

image 24: Van's Room
bunny lamp//kido
toy cars//ikea

image 25:
artwork//keith weesner

image 26: Master Bed / Loft
artwork//rachel castle
chair//second hand
cushion//salvation jane
mexican blanket//little tienda

image 27: Master Bed
linen//real living for target, bed bath & table
cushion//rachel castle
bed head//ebay
mexican mirror//gift

image 28: Master Bed / Loft
chair and dresser//nanna
cushion//black & spiro
foo dogs//black & spiro

image 29: Master Bed / Loft
holga//urban outfitters
artwork//angelique houtkamp

image 30: Ensuite 
hey sexy print//blacklist studio

image 31: Yard

outdoor setting//bunnings 


  1. House envy! And oh my lord, that bath, I would buy the house just for the bath!

  2. Holy shit! This home is phenomenal. What a completely amazing space, and such lovely style and vision. Well done creative family (hope the auction goes well for you).

  3. Fabulous home! That bathroom is amazing and I just adore the use of colour! x

  4. Love it all!! Swooning over all that colour and fabulous bits n pieces. Can't wait to see what Traci and Phil do in their new place xx

  5. For a second there I thought that was an image of my lounge room! I have the same rug and TV unnit in the same colour (gotta love IKEA). Great home :)

  6. It is just actually the best thing I have ever seen.

    Simple as that.

    Featured it in DTLL's newsy + DTLL's FB page.

    Because ermagerd, all o' that wonderful inspiration! Holy Mother!

    Well DONE Traci and Phil!

    You've inspired the living bejeebus out o' me!

    x x x

    Cherie @ Raising Master Max

  7. Actually, upon going over the post again, I've spotted a few more items that I also have in the same colours. I'm slightly tripping out. Of course I must say they have GREAT STYLE! ;)

  8. I love love it!!! I'm such a sucker for a colorful fun house!!!

  9. Glorious. Other than that I'm speechless in its awesomeness! x

  10. There are so many great elements in this house. The gumball machine, the brick walls, the teal crib, that TUB! What a fun space full of personality!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I will never complain about my small bedrooms again ;-)

    1. How great are the rooms in this place? I mean, that master suite is a DREAM!

  12. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous, and something to aspire too! Wow!

  13. This is such a beautiful home,and they truly have made the most of very space.

  14. What a beautiful loved home,very beautiful Em,Thank you for sharing xx

  15. Ahhhhh.... I LOVE it... The whole house. : ) Absolutely beautiful.


  16. Very very very nicely done Em. I see lots of similarities to your own little shack here. Great minds think alike as they say. Im going Pinterest crazy!!

  17. I am the proud new owner of this home. I sent a link to this blog to friends and family during the 'campaign' and they were really impressed. One friend in Perth who just bought a house of her own is using this as inspiration for her own re-design. Unfortunately we can't quite do it the same justice as Traci & Phil.

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