Monday, April 28, 2014

The Artist Series with Emma Gale

I am absolutely SMITTEN with the work of Emma Gale so you can imagine my excitement when the Bangalow based Artist agreed to take part in The Artist Series for The Beetle Shack. Her canvasses are a riot of colour, inspired by the traditional dress and adornment of woman the world over.

 Can you tell us a little bit about your life and work? 

Life is busy with 2 kids and being an artist I find that the most challenging part of life! I spend five days a week in my studio which is at home but separate from the house. Time is precious these days, so I do have to make the most of the time I have during the day to work. Weekends are busy with family and kids sports etc!

What inspired to to be an Artist?

 I have always wanted to be an artist, I was always going to do something creative. I am not much good at anything else! I was always creating as a child from drawing to making things.

 Is there an artist that you turn to for inspiration when you need it? 

 No, not a single artist. An old favourite of mine is gustave Klimt.

What is your favourite colour? 

So hard to choose! But I do love yellow. It's just pure.

 Is there a symbol that you find yourself using repeatedly in your work? Can you explain it to us? 

I guess for me it's not just one symbol or motif but its patterning. I have always been drawn to patterns and embellishment. That's what drew me to textile design years ago and draws me to other cultures and their designs.

What is your happiest childhood memory? 

When I got the full set of 72 derwent coloured pencils in primary school. That's all I wanted!

What is your greatest achievement?

I think it would be having my first solo show. I suddenly thought, gosh I am finally here! My own show!!!

 Did it take long to truly develop your own style? 

 I think it takes a lifetime! You constantly evolve and learn as you go , you make mistakes but the mistakes are never really mistakes just learning curves in the creative process. I like to try new things, i like a challenge, it keeps me stimulated.

Thanks so much Emma. You can see more of Emma's work here.


  1. Wow! This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us! xo

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Emma's gorgeous work Emily. After I popped over to her site I was totally mesmerised. You've both inspired me to take out my Derwents and play! xx

  3. Love Emma's work! Your new header is fab and that elephant is just gorgeous xx

  4. Totally swooning over all of Emma's work... that Frida portrait is totally fab and the elephant work is an absolute visual delight!. Thank you so much for showcasing :) Tina

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