Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stills: A Weekly Collection

 1. Little Elke now has a new bedroom, which means her sweet as honey nursery is no more. That's probably why she prefers to hand with her bigger siblings in their new shared room.

2. These lovely coloured poms have moved from little Pips room to the shared room. I'll do a full tour later on.

3. Folded otomis making my linen press look pretty.

4. My new flamingo brooch, a lovely gift from Vintage Pip and the perfect accessory for my striped tee's.

5. New shoes for Tom, she'll actually wear them too.

6. Fresh flowers from the local road side stall. Cheap and cheerful - two bunches for $8.

7. My favourite wall in the house filled with original art and vintage treasures. My mother in law made the weaving for me for my birthday.

8. This stunning print hanging in our master bedroom is by my beautiful mermaid sister. They're available for purchase through her online shop along with a limited edition collection of botanical illustrations.

9. The new Bohemian Traders site is now live and include a small collection of Kilim Cushions.

In other news, I've had a few emails asking if this little linky is open to everyone and the answer is  a resounding YES, of course it is!! You're more than welcome to add your link to a photo based post below. Feel free to link back to The Beetle Shack if you'd like, or don't, I really don't mind :)

See you soon, love birds.


  1. Oh how adorable is that first photo of Elke. She is growing up too quickly! Your weekly stills are filled with colour - what a talented photographer you are Em!!
    PS I hope you had a lovely weeken x

  2. Such gorgeous photos, love all the colour!

  3. Elke is surely growing so so fast. Such a beautiful collection of bright colours, I love the weaving your mother in law made for you, it's beautiful. Have a lovely week Em. x

  4. Love the yellow bed, may i ask where it came from? I'm currently transition ing my 18 month old from her cot/our bed to a big girls bed. Also, where are those adorable floral hi-tops from? Love the colourful photos this week.

  5. Oh Em - you have the best dahlias ever

  6. Ooh your little girl is just adorable - I have a two and half year old boy so I love looking at the little girl dresses on all the blogs!

    Such a cute room and I love the style of your home x

  7. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the little bits of yellow popping up, the shoes, the flowers, the weaving and the print. Hope you have a lovely week. xxoo

  8. So much gorgeousness! Lovely flowers, arty goodness, cushion delights and the cutest shoes on the block. x

  9. another beautiful collection. i look forward to this post every week.

  10. Every image is eye candy. Love!!

  11. Looking forward to those new room tours! Hope you have a great week Em. x

  12. A beautiful collection, I love those dahlias (are they dahlias?) So cheery! Thanks for hosting your link-up. xx

  13. Such gorgeous images,I love Toms new shoes xx

  14. Such beautiful colour in your home and life. xxxx

  15. I found your blog via a Blog Hop site and I fell in love with your colourful photography!
    I'm following you right away!


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