Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stills: Weekly Collection

1. Wood fired Pizzaz from the wood fired pizza oven that Dave built a couple of years ago.

2. What is she thinking? Girl, back away from the washing machine - you've got the rest of your life for that!

3. A sneaky into one of the homes we will be featuring for The Family Home Project later in the year.

4. Lauren Merrick made me key lime pie, it's my favourite.

5. Breakfast.

6. Pretty location for a Bohemian Traders shoot - new website coming soon.


  1. Ooooh I spy an atomic coffee maker! I love mine and use it everyday

  2. Oh hello! ;)
    That pic gave me a bit it of a shock, scroll scroll - that's my sideboard! ...oh yeah ;)

  3. Oh no - I'd train her now!!
    Awesome pizzas!

  4. I'm so excited for your new website!
    Ronnie xo

  5. Yum wood fired pizzas....xxxx

  6. She might become an engineer and needs to to familiarise herself with the mechancial make-up of a washing machine hee hee. Hey she may one day invent a washing machine that does everything...including matching up odd socks.
    PS Your pizza looks REALLY delicious!

  7. Gosh - every time I come and look at your weekly stills, I think 'I wish I lived in your house, with your beautiful things and your beautiful children... and awesome friends who make pie'.

  8. As always, I love it all. And I'm really looking forward to peeking inside Astred's gorgeous home. Im x


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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