Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wearing: Out to Dinner

I was lucky enough to extend my birthday celebrations for over a week. I was taken out to dinner three times and ate more than my fair share of cake with my friends and family. At the start of the week my favourite distressed skinnies were fitting nicely, the muffin top was manageable and I was feeling good. By the end, oh mercy those suckers were tight! Never the less, my Bohemian Traders Denim is proving to be a staple in my capsule wardrobe for Autumn.

Wearing: Image One

Earrings | Bohemian Traders
Jacket | Imported from Hungary
Tee | Country Road (last season)
Distressed Skinny Jeans | Bohemian Traders
Shoes | Zoe Wittner

Wearing: Image Two

Vintage Blanket Jacket | Bohemian Traders
Striped Tee | Subtitled
Nomadic Coin Necklace | Bohemian Traders
Distressed Skinny Jeans | Bohemian Traders
Shoes | Zoe Wittner


  1. You're a FOX! And I think I need those jeans, they look so gorgeous on you x

  2. Those shoes are fabulous! I do miss outrageously platformed shoes! x

  3. The jacket, the jeans, the shoes ... I want it ALL! You look fabulous Em. x

  4. I adore the shoes and jeans. That mixed-prints jacket is fun & bold, too. =)

  5. that first blazer is gorgeous! very flattering outfits :)

  6. What day is your birthday? When I read your blog I'm filled with SNAP moments, and now it seems our stars maybe within days apart???

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em