Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Craft Corner : Makeover

Hello! Hello!

Last month I shared how to make a DIY canvas art when you can't afford the real thing. Em hinted she would like to see the finished product in its new home - on the bedroom wall. I do like a (not so) subtle hint Em, and you saved my somewhat tired brain from thinking of something else to create..!

So here it is - a little before and after. This little makeover is a combination of the two crafty projects I have shared so far - revamping old and turning it into new with paint/new fabric and the DIY canvas art.

The canvas art was inspired by a new doona cover I had recently bought to break the white doona cover marathon that had hit our bedroom some five years ago. Bright coral linen. Quite the change, yes! The kids' rooms are always getting a little revamp or extras added/moved around every now and then, but for some reason I seem to be lazy when it comes to our own room.

I don't really have a good routine or relationship with sleep. I don't sleep enough and I don't allow myself time to wind down before I turn the lights out. It's usually work at the computer until my eyes can't stay open, brush my teeth and crawl into bed (having already showered after the kids are tucked in). Not a good routine, and something I would like to change.

I realised that my bedroom was not inviting me to come and spend time in there before I call it a day. It was boring and uninspiring and had stayed the same for far too long. So it needed an overhaul. More colour, a change of palette, something warm and inviting that would make me want to be in there - to read for half an hour before bed, allow my mind to unwind, build a better sleep routine. And I think I may have done it.

So, here are my simple steps to building a new space.

1/ Make a decision about the end result you want to achieve. Use whatever tools you have at your disposal - magazines, pinterest, your imagination. Of course, be realistic about your expectations and your budget. If you are struggling to visualise the end result, draw a picture and strip your room back to a bare minimum. It will help to clear your mind and allow you to see things in a better light.

2/ Figure out what can stay and what needs to go. For me I wanted to change our bedside tables, and I needed a proper reading light. I was so sad to move my beautiful rotund lamp over to the husband's side of the bed (a very strange connection to have with a lamp..?!) but I knew it was necessary if this new go-to-bed-earlier-and-do-some-reading-plan was going to work. So over it went (sob).

3/ If, like me, you are trying to use pieces of furniture you already have, some of which may need a revamp with paint, give them a try where you envision them to be before you get out the paint brush. Sometimes the picture in your head doesn't translate and you need to come up with a Plan B (like I did).

4/ When you know what's going where, you can make a start on any painting you need to do. (This lamp is onto it's third colour job, originally picked up from the tip shop for $15 where it was once a beautiful, shiny, two tone brown. The table and stool cost me less than $10 collectively between the op and tip shops and had been sitting in the garage for a long time, waiting to be used. They turned out to be the perfect pieces to use as bedside tables.)

5/ Go to Ikea. Whatever the makeover, you need something from Ikea. Always.

6/ Don't rush it. Take your time and try not to buy pieces of anything on impulse. Think about the purpose of your room and what you want it to give you in return. For me, I wanted the room to feel warm with dark hues, mixed with pops of colour. I wanted some new linen that would invite me to jump into bed. I wanted there to be personality in the room that I felt was lacking - or had gone stale from leaving it sit the same for too long.

7/ It's okay to make changes. Somewhere along the way, you may find your plan or idea needs to change a little. The original artwork my daughter and I had done together, turned out to be too dark once I had found my linen and could see everything together in front of me, including the pink and white cushions I never had any intention of buying, yet became the focal point to draw everything together. Now, the painting felt too masculine and didn't compliment the bright coral at all. So I got out the paints again and added some warmer tones over the bright blues - and different shades of coral and pink. Suddenly there was a better connection and cohesive feeling in the room.

8/ Spend money on quality pieces that will last you for years. The new linen I purchased was a mix of beautiful, lush, fancy pants linen, and middle of the road stuff. The new throw/quilt/blanket on the end of the bed is from Sheridan. Crazy expensive because it's pure quality. Of course I went to their factory outlet and bought it for half price. Along with an armful of new pillowcases to mix and match (which will all go very nicely with some of these). Some, I picked up for $3 each, reduced from $50 each (I haven't a clue who spends $50 on one pillowcase?). If you have factory outlets near you - use them!

9/ When all the hard work is done, it's time to put all your pieces together.

10/ Pour yourself a drink, stand back and admire your new room (or in my case, get into bed and read a book)!


Oh my gooooodnesss Tahnee, you never cease to amaze. You've painted the lamp shades, bedsides and everything! Here is a woman who doesn't do things by halves. You can perve on Tahnee over on her personal blog 'Milk Please Mum' or you can book her to photograph your home/life/family/wedding/birth on her professional page 'Pictures by Tahnee.'

I'm not sure about you, but i'm desperately eager to see every room in Tahnee's house as part of The Family Home Project, whatdayathink?


  1. Stunning work, Tahnee! I absolutely love the result. I truly admire handy ladies like yourself. Maybe you can also do some DIY makeover consulting work on the side? :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. That room is lovely and i admire anyone that can make over a whole room with Diy we are currently doing our ensuite and will be doing over our bedroom after that,new carpet paint,blinds etc and after having blue walls for 20 odd years i think i want grey,so exciting and so hard to pick new colour palettes!

  3. Fun! I totally agree with step 1-having a plan/vision. It can save so much money and effort, and minimize confusion and bad choices. I also agree with being flexible later in the process :).

    Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em