Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rose, Clay and Indigo

 When I started Bohemian Traders I had one thing in mind - an oversized button down dress. Why? Because as a healthy sized 12 breast-feeding mother, I found it almost impossible to find clothing that was easy. Easy to move in, easy to feed in and easy to sleep in if need be. I was yearning for clothing that didn't cling to my skin, didn't creep in the wrong places, allowed me to be cool and comfortable without showing my poorly maintained leg hairs and dammit, I wanted to have easy access to my breasts.

There, I said it.

I need accessible boobs.

Four months later and my perfect dress has arrived. The Oversized Tee Shirt Dress. It's floor length and made from light weight cotton that skims the body effortlessly and beautifully with side splits to just above the knee. I can wear it with any number of scarves, layers of necklaces, tights and boots, sandals/salties, a vintage blanket jacket, kimono or super soft cardi. It's a winner.

I've also been loving my Oversized Deep V Tee for the same reasons. I just like natural fibres and loose fits, thats all.

With a colour palette of Rose, Clay and Indigo, Bohemian Traders will launch into Winter 2014 (eep). There are totally luxurious angora, cashmere and wool knits on their way along with sweet fur pom pom beanies.

I'm currently having a new website built for Bohemian Traders that should be ready some time this week.

 If you've been one of the lovely people that has made an order through my Big Cartel store ( hi mum, that's you!), THANK YOU. Its been so wonderful to have your support.


I'll be back with 52 and The Stills Collection asap, promise.

p.s thats the Opal Embroidered Dress also pictured. For me, it's the dress that can take me from the park  and then out to dinner with the girls. Just swap the salties for stacked wedges, you know?! My wardrobe's pretty spartan these days so I like clothes that can multi task.


  1. The embroidered dress is lovely! Looking forward to seeing the new site. Sarah x

  2. Wow! Do you design all the stuff? It is gorgeous. I struggle so much finding the right clothes for breast feeding and baby wearing. Oh how I wish we were in Oz so I could buy some of the beautiful stuff x

  3. I LOVE THOSE BEANIES! They are exactly what I have been searching for as the weather gets cooler! I'll be checking out your site asap! x

  4. Oh hello blue beanie, you may need to come to my place... Em, loving all your stuff lately!

  5. Em, is this floor length tee shirt dress the beauty you were wearing in your 'Two by Two' post that I meant to ask about and never did? Gonna need me one of these! So excited for your new season. B.T. knitwear - hello! x

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em