Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When I became pregnant Zeph, it was like the whole world pounced on me with advice. Advice about what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, how to prepare for birth, how to give birth, what to name my baby, how and what I should feed my baby, what consumer goods I’d need, what items I should NEVER use and of course, the ever present influx of information about how I should raise my child for the rest of his earthly life.
The advice was comprehensive, to say the least.
I realised very quickly that many women are passionate (read dogged) about birth and mothering. They are determined, focused, knowledgable, assertive and right - they are always right.
It took me a little while to shuffle through the information overload and find what really worked for Zeph and I. It was the same thing that worked for Pip and I and Elke and too. 
It was MOTION. 
Moving, regardless of how we did it, always soothed a grizzly baby. 
The pram, the pouch and the glorious baby swing were my 'go-to' items during those first moths of motherhood. The baby swing, especially, afforded me enough time to take a quick shower, do a wee and shovel some food into my face every so often. It kept my baby happy, content and quiet and you know what that means? A much happier mother. 
 For this reason, I'm utterly delighted to be offering one lucky Australian reader of The Beetle Shack the opportunity to win a Mamaroo. The ultimate in baby swings (hello, you can plug your iPhone into it).

What are/were your essential items for that newborn stage?

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  1. I have been eyeing this off every time I go baby shopping . Thanks for the fantastic giveaway Emily.

  2. Omg wowzas!! Never owned a swing with my other two... Have a feeling I may need one of these!!! xx

  3. The best thing i ever had for my babies was a sling and my daughter had a jolly jumper and she loved it! My daughter is talking about having a baby next year ( little squeal from me).

  4. I have my fingers crossed for this one! I can't wait to see what everyone says their newborn essentials are ... my incredibly well meaning sister-in-laws have almost talked me out of anything that looks like it might make my life easier (eg sling and swing).

  5. For me the most simple thing ahs been the best for all three babies- muslim wraps! I love those things & have already bought some for my very first ladybay due in May.....but something like this would be lovely too :)

  6. fingers crossed. this'd be amazing!... my newborn essentials were my ergobaby (guaranteed sleep everytime!) and Lil Fraser wraps (super stretchy to hold in those flailing lil wings!) Also, chocolate - for sanity! ;-)

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  8. my essential baby item, I hate to say was my Hubby, corny i know but just listen, he didnt smell like milk, he slept a night so could take bub when I was tired, and lastly just knew how to wiggle when he walked! Made putting bub to sleep so much easier!

  9. My essential item was newborn nappies, great for bub and great for me when my milk came in with gusto. It took me awhile to figure this trick out (& a lot of soaked sheets!) but chucking them in my bra problem solved. Plus it provided a good laugh for all my new mama friends!

  10. I would love to win this, Baby # 3 is due in 2 weeks!! My essential would be my baby bjorn carrier with soon to be 3 under 4 I think it will be only way I'll get anything done!

  11. I saw your image in my blog roll and thought you were planning to launch Elke into space... x

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em