Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wearing: The T- Shirt Dress

There is nothing better than adding a key item to your wardrobe. Something that you can throw on and be comfortable in. It's even better when it's a dress that you can actually feed your baby in- hello button down front.

This Summer T Shirt Dress is made from a super lightweight cotton jersey and can be accessorised with  a lovely big Sunshine Shawl and Knotted Yarn Necklace.


Summer T Shirt Dress | Bohemian Traders
Sunshine Shawl | Bohemian Traders
Feather Drop Earrings | Bohemian Traders 
Saltwater Sandals 


  1. My wardrobe is so small now that everything has to be breastfeeding friendly! This looks perfect x

  2. Blue really suits you Em love this dress on you petal and the scarf just finishes it off xx

  3. Great outfit. And I must say, you are looking lovely!

  4. I agree with look good in blue. It suits you and your lovely smile (your BEST accessory).

  5. I wish I'd seen these months ago! Definitely on the buy list :)

  6. Love the look. So comfy and stylish. Off to take a look.


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