Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wearing : An Oversized Deep V Tee

Excitingly, we've just got a delicious batch of oversized cotton tee's in at Bohemian Traders. I'm wearing the large in white here (excellent for breastfeeding) but also give my black one in size small a good go. They pretty much form the basis of my summer wardrobe. Light and breezy, floaty and flattering with a lovely deep V to the front.

In other news, thanks for your humorous and loving comments on this pic. I did manage to laugh, cry and capture a few golden pics on my camera, so I'll be back later to expose my children for the 'creative' children that they are.


Oversized Deep V Tee | Bohemian Traders
Freedom Skirt | Bohemian Traders
Knotted Yarn Necklace | Bohemian Traders 

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  1. I've already informed Sam that this tee is (oh and a freedom skirt) ALL I desire for my birthday. Fingers. Crossed.

    Sar xx

  2. Beautiful! I love this entire outfit! Is that an Otomi piece on the bed behind you? I just stencilled my whole bathroom in an Otomi print. Kind of obsessed! : )


  3. I love this outfit on you Emily the yellow is gorgeous and when i can afford it (i had to pay $300 to go to a specialist) i am buying myself one of your gorgeous coin necklaces xx Lisa

  4. Just curious, what size are you wearing in the oversized deep v.... I'm thinking about ordering one and just trying to get a better picture on the sizing, because, well, they're oversized lol

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