Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wearing: Everyday Style

We stay at home mums have a uniform, don't we. I wish mine was a little more glamorous and involved washed, brushed hair more than once a fortnight, but it doesn't. It consists of denim bottoms and baggy tops. Plain and simple. I've been loving seeing Nikki from Styling You share here every day style on Instagram - slightly more 'stylish' than mine, but you know.


Falling Flowers Kimono | Bohemian Traders
Black Shell Tank | Target
Denim Shorts | Find Similar

Do you have a uniform? What is it?

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  1. Errr....this is my uniform and I'm not a mum for another five months?! Either things are just going to stay the same or go south real fast. Looking gorgeous and comfy Em :)

  2. This is pretty much what I am wearing right now.

  3. Pajamas. Or repro 50s capri's and a tshirt... aah working from my home studio so much dag. So much goodness.

  4. Darling girl, I'm wearing almost the exact same thing today, except I got hot and had to take off my kimono and my top is a band tee from you know the AMAZEBALLS Eddie Vedder concert we went to last night. xx

    You. Look. Fabulous xx

  5. Oh, and I adore those earrings on you. Love them! So glamorous x

  6. That'd probably be my uniform too if I didn't have to get dressed up for work... You make casual look good though. That kimono is very pretty.


  7. My uniform? I wish I had one! I look in my wardrobe every morning and have no flipping clue of what to wear! I need some denim cut-offs... I think I might need to make that my mission for next week.

    I adore that kimono on you... pink is perfect for you!

  8. Nothing wrong with your uniform mine is dresses I am a dress girl but in my 30s all I wore was shorts!

  9. Umm I actually NEED that kimono! Its gorgeous! You my dear are looking tots beautiful xx

  10. T-shirt is a must. But right now with Summer being so hot - my tank tops. I live in them!

  11. My uniform is the same as yours (denim shorts, baggy tee) but minus the glamorous kimono!

  12. Look at those pins! Girl, you're a flippin stunner! xx


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xo em