Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Craft Corner : How to make a Loom

Kelly wears Sportsgirl Dress and Knotted Yarn Necklace by Bohemian Traders 

Have you guys met my friend Kelly yet - Kelly from Chief and Kewpie? She is the master of all things DIY. This girl has more skills that I would ever dare to dream of - Kell can weave, create tassels, plaster crosses, macrame and so much more. 

From time to time she and I get together to sip tea and eat salted caramels. In an attempt to work of some of those extra caramel calories, we craft… well, Kelly crafts and I dream of being Kelly.

Today, Kell is going to teach us how to make a loom so that you can get your weave on. You can see a collection of Kelly's weaves here.

Take it away Kell



Let's make a loom, ok? Cool.
This tutorial is so simple yet once you're done you'll have a beautiful little weave.

What you'll need: cardboard, texta, ruler, scissors, yarn and a needle.

1; choose your weapon. You'll need a piece of cardboard. I find a shoe box lid is the right thickness and a great size. You could use a tissue box or cereal box, if you're into that. Tissues and cereal. I am.

2; rule up your weft (up and down yarn lines). Pop the ruler at the top of your cardboard, mark out every .5cm with a small line. Once you're done, rule it off nicely (horizontally) about 1cm down so you know where to cut to. Let's call this the Ho-Line. Let's not.

3; make little cuts on your .5cm marks down to your ho-line (we said we wouldn't use that). Repeat steps 1-3 on the other end of your cardboard.

4; grab your yarn, start stringing it top to bottom making sure to go across to your loom left to right. Once you've gone down, make sure you wrap it around the next .5cm slit over before you go up again.

5; WEAVE!!! Cut about two arms length of yarn and thread a needle, weave right to left taking your yarn under and over until you get to the end of your loom, do it again!!!! Left to right this time being sure to alternate your unders and overs.

6; when you're done- you can just pull it off the loom carefully and it magically finishes itself off. If you want to insert a stick for hanging- just thread it through the loops at the top.

There you have it! Thanks pals. X

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  1. This is great! I've been contemplating how to make a little loom for Audrey (so she leaves my big looms alone). This is way easier than what I had envisioned ;)

    ♥ Talia Christine

  2. How very cool i might give this a go on the weekend though it looks easy,i am sure it is a bit harder than it looks!
    Emily i am sure you get your craft on very nicely lovely while eating salted caramels with Kelly.Thankyou Kell for the tutorial and thanks Emily i really like these blog posts xx

  3. You know, if you lace around both sides and weave right around both sides, you can make a bag! We used to do this at school!


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