Sunday, February 16, 2014

7/52 {portraits in black and white}

Zeph: 'look Mum, I can whistle' {whilst singing a tuneful oooOOOOooo}

Pip: 'Mum,  this is bewteeful'

Elke: If you see an open door, you bolt for it. Front door, bathroom door, bedroom door, any old door really.

As always, I'm joining with Jodi. If you haven't entered this lovely (international) giveaway, you really must.

See you later for the Stills Collection. I'm totally gonna be on time this week!


  1. yes those open doors and the adventures that could be had behind them! These are lovely x

  2. I'm with Zeph...I still haven't mastered the art of whistling!!

  3. love the quietnes the B&W has bought to the images this week

  4. thats how my little ones "whistle" as well:) love the black and whites

  5. I still can't whistle and my big 25 year old Son cannot either but my daughter and my sons Girlfriend can whistle like boys!! I do love a portrait in black and white.


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