Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Family Home Project - Jodi Wilson from Practising Simplicity

Photographed by Kristoffer Paulsen

Earlier in the year I mentioned that I was launching a new project on The Beetle Shack and here it is! The Family Home Project is about celebrating the dwellings of creative families. The living spaces of writers and crafters and makers and photographers. Of stylists, designers and ordinary folk. Each month during 2014 we'll take a walk through humble, creative family spaces - from the vivid to the subtle.

 I'm so excited to be kicking off  with the home of Jodi Wilson from Practising Simplicity.

Jodi, her partner Daniel and their two gorgeous children live in a sleepy seaside suburb on the east coast of NSW. Their home is thoughtfully decorated in muted hues and vintage finds  - Jodi is a blogger, photographer and writer while Daniel is currently traveling the world and filming an internationally acclaimed tv series. But I won't waffle on, lets allow the writer to do her thing…

Who lives here?
Jodi, Daniel, Che (6) Poet (2)

What is your style ethos? 
I tend to buy things because I genuinely like them, not because they're trendy. I guess you could say my ethos is "timeless, organic, simple, beautiful"

Who/what inspires your style?
I'm inspired by nature and like to imbue home with the colours I see outside - honey, olive, sand, terracotta, beeswax, sky

Where is your favourite place to sit?
At our beautiful timber table. From here I can see every room of the house as well as the towering gums outside. It's the heart of our home, as every good kitchen table should be. 

How does the layout of your home affect the way you live/function within it?
It's open plan and split level (three steps between the bedrooms and kitchen/dining/loungeroom) so it means we're always together - it's great for conversation and not so good if you want some time alone. It's a smallish house so I try to keep it clutter-free to maximise the physical and visual space.

What are your future plans/dreams for your house? 
We're renters so our future dreams involve a different home. For now we're happy where we are and hope this space suits us for a good while yet. 

Any tips for someone who might like to emulate your style?
A few years ago I realised that if I wait for something it will come to me. It's very true of everything I love in my home. The kitchen table was discovered in a deceased estate in my street (it came complete with scratches and imprints and teapot scolds) and I got it for $50. The dolls house was a garage sale find - $20 and my little desk came from the same estate as the table for an extra special price of $5. I think we live in an age where dream homes are plastered across pinterest and magazine spreads and it's easy to get confused about what we want; even easier to get caught up in what we don't have (or can't afford). I've found that my home style is a slowly evolving one; I find something here, something there, it never costs much and the purchase is always a considered one. Ultimately it means I'm creating a space that is practical, beautiful and original. 

When it comes to buying for your home ask yourself: "Do I need it? How will it fit in the space? Will I like it in one, two, three years time?"

What makes a house a home? 
Family, copious amount of tea, books, candles, conversation, herbs in pots, gumboots by the door

style guide

Picture Frames from Corban & Blair // Navy Wire Basket from Down to the Woods // Vintage Dolls House// Black tea pot found on Jodi's travels to Bali//White Mug from Piccolo Pear// dining chars from IKEA// prints in Poet's room - apple papple from Greater Good// Custom portrait of Jodi and Poet by Rebekka Seale// Paris Map from famillesummerbelle// Linen Quilt in Poets room from Hello Milky and Patchwork quilt in poets room is from Maggie and Sparrow.

I look forward to bringing you another instalment of The Family Home Project next month. You can expect to see a place filled with love and handmade treasures from another truly creative family. Stay tuned.


  1. Love having a peek into other peoples homes. Love the children's rooms xo

  2. What a great series to look forward to?!
    And thanks for sharing your home Jodie :)

  3. Love this post, Em - Jodi's place is just beautiful! x

  4. What a beautiful space Jodi has created for her family. It really rang true to me about waiting for things to come to you, I've learnt this, and am continuing to try and embrace it. The best pieces of furniture, or just bits and bobs, in our home, have come with time, thought, patience or coincidence. Everything else which I've bought in a hurried rush at some latest sale or Ikea or 'just because' will definitely not last the distance in our future home. Thanks Em, this is going to be a favourite haunt from now on!

  5. Love it!! What a good sticky beak especially into homes that aren't overly styled.
    Gorgeous photos too!
    What a lovely light home you have Jodi, it's very interesting to see it from a different photographer's point of view.

  6. Her home looks like how I feel when I read her stuff. Thanks for sharing Em!

    (But ps How does everything stay so white? I am constantly wiping walls around here!)

  7. Oh I love this idea! Beautiful photographs.

  8. A beautiful space from a beautiful blog writer. Great series Em!

  9. Lovely. Can i ask the colour of the white please?

  10. Love the simplicity, and uncluttered nature of your home Jodi. Lovely photos x

  11. What beautifully peaceful spaces.

  12. LOVE this new series you have created Em. And Jodi's home is just beautiful xx

  13. Such a lovely home, simple and inviting. I really enjoy her style. This is a fun series!

  14. brilliant, great idea! I adore nosing in other people's houses and feeling inspired xxx

  15. A home just as beautiful as its dwellers - I can't stop scrolling through these images. Thank you Jodi for welcoming us into your home.

    Em, I am so looking forward to this series - is there anything more wonderful than getting a peek into the homes of people you admire? Thank you and well done, lovely lady! Xx

  16. That doll house might be my favorite thing in this pretty home!

  17. What an exciting series. Jodi's home looks so relaxing and calm. Lovely.

  18. What a beautiful light filled space and i love Jodi's way of thinking ,i love this series Emily x

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em